The Note: Brutal Honesty

With California poised to move up its presidential primary date , Politico's Mike Allen follows the activity of Sen. McCain and Mayor Giuliani, who have been paying enormous attention to the Golden State and its moderate Republicans. LINK

"McCain strategist John Weaver sees California as 'a golden opportunity for the GOP to reclaim the national mantle,' and asserts that Arizona senator 'is the one guy who can do this while holding the base together.'"

With a little less than a year before the nomination season is upon us, Boston Herald columnist Wayne Woodlief has started giving odds for the Republicans: McCain 2-1, Romney 3-1, Giuliani 5-1. "House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, one of the most powerful Democrats in South Carolina politics, will not endorse a presidential candidate during the 2008 primaries as part of a promise made months ago to party leaders," reports the AP's Jim Davenport taking an endorsement that could have packed a punch off the table. LINK

2008: Republicans: Giuliani:

Radio Iowa's trail-blazing Kay Henderson reports, "During a telephone interview yesterday with Radio Iowa, Giuliani brushed aside remarks from Ann Romney. She bragged recently to a crowd that Romney was the only one among the top GOP candidates who had been married just once. 'You know look, I've mistakes in my life. I've tried to learn from them, tried to grow from them,' Giuliani said. 'I think each one of the other candidates has probably made mistakes. . . I don't know that we have a perfect person running for president of the United States, but I think in life you make mistakes and then you do the best you can to learn from them and grow.'" LINK

Prostate-cancer survivor Mayor Giuliani will make public the results a comprehensive physical exam, reports the New York Post's Maggie Haberman under the headline, "Rudy Will Let Public Check His Check Up." LINK

Several '08 campaigns did not return calls about whether they would follow in Giuliani's lead, Haberman reports.

"Rudy is in. America's mayor wants to be America's president," said ABC News' Diane Sawyer in the headlines on "Good Morning America" based on Giuliani's interview with CNN's Larry King last night. Sawyer went on to say that Giuliani is addressing "Iraq, abortion, and how he's said he's made mistakes."

The New York Times Richard Perez-Pena handles Mayor Giuliani's announcement (again) that he's running for president. LINK

Giuliani conceded that the U.S. went to war without enough troops and that Congress would not have approved the war if it had known more about Iraq's weapons.

Perez-Pena writes, "On the issue that looms largest over the campaign, Iraq, Mr. Giuliani used the interview to offer a harsh assessment of the Bush administration's decision-making. His comments more closely aligned him with his chief rival in Republican primary polls, Senator John McCain of Arizona, who has supported the war, as Mr. Giuliani does, but has criticized its conduct."

The Washington Post's John Solomon and Matthew Mosk report that Giuliani "will wait to collect his fee for a speech he gave last night until his campaign has discussed the arrangement with the Federal Election Commission and determined how best to handle a handful of speaking engagements already scheduled through the spring." LINK

The AP's Liz Sidoti also looks at Giuliani's lecture circuit conundrum: LINK

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