The Note: No Hurry for That Final Disappointment

"Friends who are already mapping out his pitch say Thompson, 64, is likely to assess his chances around the beginning of May. Thompson will have access to a sizable conservative audience in coming weeks as the substitute host on Paul Harvey's radio program, a heartland touchstone. Last year, ABC News Radio named Thompson special program host and senior analyst, leading to speculation he might be the heir apparent for Harvey, who's 88," writes Mike Allen of Politico. LINK

The Associated Press: LINK

The Chicago Tribune on a potential "Law & Order" candidate. LINK

The Washington Times' Eric Pfeiffer: LINK

2008: Republicans: Gingrich:

Two conservative icons offered differing views on Gingrich's acknowledgement of personal indiscretions to the Wall Street Journal's June Kronholz for her weekend edition look at the former House Speaker's possible presidential bid. Paul Weyrich said "our people" are "very oriented toward accepting" Gingrich going on his knees and asking God's forgiveness. Phyllis Schlafly, by contrast, said "the marriages and the girlfriend" are a problem for Gingrich.

An unnamed McCain strategist gloated that Gingrich's entrance into the race would hurt Romney by soaking up the "hard-right vote." Meanwhile, pollster Tony Fabrizio thinks Gingrich could overcome a lack of funds by targeting conservative voters in states that award their convention delegates proportionally.

Newsweek's Bailey and Rosenberg see Gingrich's radio confessional on Friday as an indication that a presidential bid may be on the horizon. LINK

2008: Republicans: Giuliani:

Eating Ben Smith's dust, Newsday's Tom Brune reports on conservatives' qualms with Mayor Giuliani's record on judicial appointments, who some say was "missing in action" in the fight to shift the court rightward. LINK

Eating Ben Smith's dust, and under a "Conservatives balk over Giuliani's judges" header, the Los Angeles Times' Tom Hamburger and Adam Schreck look at a number of Giuliani judicial appointments who do not appear to "fit the conservative mold." LINK

2008: Republicans: Romney:

The AP's Glen Johnson describes the relative "fountain of youth" Gov. Romney finds himself in compared to his GOP candidates as he turns 60 today, while exploring the age issue in Sen. McCain's case. LINK

WHDH out of Boston also looks at the age factor: LINK

David Kirkpatrick of the New York Times looked at Mitt Romney's Bain Capital money and how generous the governor has been with his financial donations to Massachusetts-based conservative groups with a reach into the national arena. LINK

Brian E. Crowley of the Palm Beach Post reports that former Gov. Jeb Bush's (R-FL) policy director, Alan Philp, has signed on to run Gov. Romney's "idea factory." LINK

Kathleen Hennessey of the Associated Press reports that former Gov. Kenny Guinn (R-NV) will endorse Gov. Romney, and run his Nevada finance-steering committee. LINK

Looking at Gov. Romney's conversion on abortion, Janet Hook of the Los Angeles Times explores the history of shifting abortion positions and its political repercussions. "Voters have come to accept some changes of heart as sincere and durable," writes Hooks, who cites converts on both sides of the debate, ranging from Rep. Kucinich to Ronald Regan. LINK

2008: Republicans: McCain:

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