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The editorial concludes thusly: ". . . aggressive oversight is quite different from mandating military steps according to an inflexible timetable conforming to the need to capture votes in Congress or at the 2008 polls. Ms. Pelosi's strategy leads not toward a responsible withdrawal from Iraq but to a constitutional power struggle with Mr. Bush, who has already said he will veto the legislation. Such a struggle would serve the interests of neither the Democrats nor the country."

In an effort to build unity on Iraq, House Democrats stripped language from a $124.1 billion wartime spending bill that sought to bar President Bush from taking unauthorized military action in Iran, reports the Wall Street Journal's David Rogers.

The Associated Press on the same: LINK

The Washington Times' Jon Ward on Vice President Cheney urging The Hill to OK funds for the troop surge. LINK

Sheryl Stolberg has the write up of Vice President Cheney's remarks at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in which he said that preventing the President from spending money on the Iraq war would equate to "undermining the troops" in what Stolberg dubs the "most pointed warning to date from any administration official." LINK

Peter Pace calls homosexuality "immoral":

The AP on Pace's comments: LINK

2008: Republicans: Hagel punts:

ABC News' David Chalian reports that "after a drumbeat of weekend hype and in one of the more bizarre press conferences of this political cycle, Sen. Chuck Hagel took to the stage in Omaha, NE. . . and said, 'I am here today to announce that my family and I will make an announcement on my political future later this year,' in essence punting his decision as to whether or not to enter the presidential race." LINK

Watch ABC News' "Politics Live" on Hagel's non-decision: LINK

The New York Times' Jeff Zeleny writes up Sen. Hagel's announcement, simply Noting, "even as he walked away from the microphone, three possibilities remained: running for president at the 11th hour, seeking re-election to a third term in the Senate or retiring from politics." LINK

Jonathan Martin of Politico recalls Gov. Cuomo's presidential Hamlet act in 1991 in his write-up of Hagel's day. LINK

2008: Republicans:

"G.O.P. Voters Voice Anxieties on Party's Fate," headlines the New York Times' Adam Nagourney and Megan Thee write up of a New York Times/CBS News poll that shows the Republican party to be "divided" and "compared with the Democrats, Republicans appear far less happy with their choice of candidates for 2008 and are still looking for someone who can improve the party's prospects."LINK

The Washington Post's E.J. Dionne opines that the "Hagel Hint" and the "Thompson Tease" are "disturbing news" for Giuliani. LINK

"While much of the political press traveled to Omaha, Neb., vainly hoping for news that Mr. Hagel would enter the presidential race," writes the Washington Times' Ralph Z. Hallow, "Mr. Paul stayed in Washington and announced his candidacy on C-SPAN's 'Washington Journal.'" LINK

2008: Republicans: Giuliani:

In a "Political Radar" item looking at Giuliani saying that it is "premature" to discuss a Libby pardon, ABC News' Teddy Davis and Paul Fidalgo Note Giuliani's "thinly veiled dig" at the "controversial pardons that former President Clinton issued just before leaving office." LINK

Liz Sidoti of the Associated Press reports on Giuliani's survival so far among conservatives. LINK

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