The Note: Taking the Fork

"'Sen. Obama really does want to help,' Mr. Gibbs told Mr. Kakugawa, according to both men's recollection. The advisers suggested Mr. Kakugawa get help from social-service agencies, and that the Obama office would help with that. But he would not get money, Mr. Gibbs said."

Looking to the second quarter, the Wall Street Journal's Wirey Mary Lu Carnevale reports that Sen. Obama is inviting donors to an April 11 fund-raising briefing with campaign aides.

2008: Democrats: Clinton:

Former President Clinton is not backing down from his claim that news coverage of Obama vs. Clinton on Iraq is not fair. Per The Hill's Sam Youngman's must-read, Clinton echoed the Mark Penn talking points when he spoke on a conference call to fundraisers for his wife's campaign and said, "It's just not fair." LINK

Said President Clinton, "This dichotomy that's been set up to allow him to become the raging hero of the anti-war crowd on the Internet is just factually inaccurate."

All the members of the spinning class where Bill Clinton raised $70,000 for Sen. Clinton in a 30-minute appearance were given a long-sleeved T-shirt to wear over workout clothes and they listened to the former president's favorite music, a move to encourage him to spin with them, reports Patrick Healey and Cassi Feldman of the New York Times. LINK

"'He was wandering through the bikes in our small studio, brushing up against handle bars and wheels and introducing himself,' said SoulCycle co-owner Julie Rice," per the New York Post's Bulliet. LINK

Jake Tapper blogs about the upcoming Timbaland fundraiser for Clinton. LINK

2008: Democrats: Dodd:

In advance of tomorrow's SEIU forum in Las Vegas, Sen. Dodd plans to drop legislation today with Sens. Durbin and Kennedy aimed at modifying "the definition of supervisor in order to ensure that no employee is unjustly denied his or her right to join a labor union."

The Hartford Courant's David Lightman reports on Sen. Dodd's proposal for a "summit" to deal with sub-prime market "upheavals." Holding hearings on the subject with consumers, Sen. Dodd said, "The checks and balances that we are told exist in the marketplace, and the oversight that the regulators are supposed to exercise, have been absent until recently." LINK

Washington Times: LINK

Neil Vigdor of Stamford Connecticut's The Advocate reports that Ned Lamont returns the favor with his endorsement of Sen. Dodd's bid for the presidency. Said Lamont, "I think the people of Connecticut know the great strength of Chris Dodd is he's one of the nicest guys running for president." LINK

2008: Democrats: Biden:

ABC News' Jake Whitman reports on Biden's night cap appearance last night on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" where Leno called Biden, "articulate." LINK

2008: Democrats: Gore:

Madonna appears ready to sign on to an Al Gore 2008 presidential run, reports the New York Post's Ed Robinson. LINK

2008: calendar:

The New York Times' Goodnough writes up the Florida legislature's intention to move the Sunshine State's presidential primary to as early as January 29. LINK

2008: debates:

Some US Senators running for president are lobbying to have a debate in the Big Easy in an effort to bring attention to the still recuperating city, reports ABC News' Jake Tapper. LINK

Politics of immigration:

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