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The Washington Post's Dan Balz and Jose Antonio Vargas write that Clinton entered the "lion's den" and came out alive. "In contrast to past debates, Clinton was on the firing line because of her often-difficult relationship with bloggers over her initial support for the Iraq war, and because her opponents saw a chance to paint her as the Establishment candidate before an audience hostile to inside-the-Beltway power politics," they write.

Politico's Roger Simon writes that Clinton should be happy with the fact that she was only booed twice; the other episode came when she told the Chicago audience that she likes the Cubs, not the White Sox. "Any debate Hillary Clinton doesn't lose, she wins," Simon writes. "And she didn't lose the debate at the YearlyKos Convention here Saturday." This quote from DailyKos founder Markos Moulitsas: "Half the battle is getting the proper respect, and she got that. She doesn't have to get total agreement."

The Netroots came away the big winner -- but the savviest bloggers know they haven't won anything yet. "Even amid projections about how well Democrats will do in 2008, there was a palpable sense of uncertainty about how to harness all the energy, enthusiasm, and anger to any particular effect, especially as far as the 2008 presidential election goes," writes The Boston Globe's Marcella Bombardieri. "Several attendees noted that it was the whitest group they'd ever been in. It was fairly male, too, and surprisingly gray."

Edwards was the best-received at YearlyKos, and he surely delight the blogosphere further with a speech on trade he's set to deliver today in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. A day before a labor forum in Chicago, Edwards has prepared jabs at both Bill and Hillary Clinton as he calls for "trade policies in America that put workers, wages and families first," per excerpts provided to ABC. "The trade policies of President Bush have devastated towns and communities all across America. But let's be clear about something -- this isn't just his doing," Edwards plans to say, referencing Bill Clinton's push for NAFTA. And this line comes fresh off the spat with Senator Clinton over donations from lobbyists: "Real change must first begin with ending -- once and for all -- the influence lobbyists have on trade policies and on our government. It's time Washington worked for the American people, not for lobbyists and insiders."

Also in the news:

Giuliani is staying on in Iowa for a few days (after arriving in Des Moines with less than an hour to spare before the debate). He plans to talk about his support for abortion rights head-on, the New York Daily News' David Saltsonstall reports. "Finding any common ground may seem impossible in the abortion debate, where both sides generally believe a candidate is either with them or against them," Saltsonstall writes. "But Giuliani has tried to find a middle road in recent months by talking up two key points: his record as mayor of boosting adoptions as an alternative to abortion and his support of 'strict constructionist' judges like Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas."

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