The Note: Midway Mayhem:


Giuliani, R-N.Y., was pressed on his religion at a campaign stop in Iowa yesterday, when he was asked at a forum whether he is a "traditional practicing Catholic." "My religious affiliation, my religious practices and the degree to which I am a good or not-so-good Catholic, I prefer to leave to the priests," Giuliani responded in a controlled low voice, per Newsday's Tom Brune writes. Brune adds, "That question, and Giuliani's answer, illustrate the fine line he walks as he tries to sell himself in conservative Iowa in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination."

Tomorrow will bring a modicum of clarity to the primary calendar. Befitting the mass confusion, the chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party will announce the date of his state's GOP primary at -- the New Hampshire State House? (Why can't all states get along this well?) No official word yet, but the Union Leader's John DiStaso reports on speculation that South Carolina will jump forward a week from the current Jan. 29 date (though it could be even earlier than Jan. 22). "That would presumably force New Hampshire's primary to be held no later than Jan. 15 under a state law requiring the primary to be held at least a week before any 'similar election,' " DiStaso writes.

ABC's Charlie Gibson assembled an impressive political lineup for a special "20/20" this week on the Rev. Billy Graham. All four living presidents and four first ladies sit down with Gibson to discuss the life and legacy of a man who's been a White House guest of every president since Harry Truman. "Each one I've known long before they ever became president, been in their homes many times; always called them by their first names, until they became president," Graham tells Gibson in the program, which airs at 10 pm ET Friday.

The kicker:

"We need enormous challenges to face. It's got to be done in a bipartisan way." -- Richardson, at the AFL-CIO forum, getting his own wires crossed. "While we all worshipped her, she actually felt like a dork." -- Ominous voice-over in (mock) attack ad from the "Romney Girls." The ad accuses "Obama Girl" of multiple flip-flops, as well as supporting a "disastrous" fiscal policy (something to do with cab fares).


The ABC News Political Unit is now seeking full-time unpaid fall interns in Washington, D.C. There are a few requirements you should know about before applying for the internship.

-- You must be either a graduate student or junior or senior in college. -- You must be able to work long days, starting early, Monday through Friday. -- If your school gives credit for internships, you must receive credit. -- The internship begins Sept. 4 and runs into the middle of December.

Not only do Political Unit interns attend political events and write for the politics page of, they also help us by conducting research, maintaining contact lists, and building the next day's political schedule.

If you write well, don't mind getting up early, and have some familiarity with web publishing, send a cover letter and resume to as soon as possible, with the subject line: "INTERN" in all caps.

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