THE NOTE: Hillary Set to Face Haymakers at Debate


The Republican National Committee is creating some mischief in New Hampshire with a Web ad mocking the Democratic candidates (and we love how they got their little eyes to blink).

The public got "a glimpse of how the President sees his speeches" yesterday when a draft version of his UN speech -- complete with pronunciation tips and speechwriters' cell phone numbers -- was . It's "[sar-KOzee]," the "[moo-GAHbee] regime," "[KEYRgeez-stan]," and "[moor-EH-tain-ee-a]."

Wondering about a casino magnate's politics? to Cynthia McFadden that he's rooting for New York City Michael Bloomberg, I-N.Y.: "I think he's an extraordinarily capable man and whether its Mrs. Clinton, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney -- a businessman, or Rudy Giuliani -- who's a terrific guy, or Michael Bloomberg, what America needs is competent leadership, competent management." His wife, Elaine, is supporting Obama.

The kicker:

"I'm not part of the administration. You know, I'm just my father's daughter." -- Jenna Bush, about whether it was "tricky" to write about issues that brush up against Bush administration policies on AIDS, condom use, and sexual choices.

"Ms. Clinton, a private citizen, was not consulted prior to this picture being displayed, and thus, her permission was not given for you to do so. While she may have dined at your restaurant, this does not serve as an endorsement."target="external" -- Douglas Band (in the news a lot today) in a letter demanding that a photo of Chelsea Clinton with the owner of a New York Italian restaurant be taken out of the front window it's been displayed in for five years.

"I have very competent lawyers." -- Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, explaining why he's staying in Washington while his attorneys argue for his guilty plea -- entered into without a lawyer -- to be overturned in Minneapolis.


I'll be live blogging during tonight's MSNBC Democratic debate, starting at 9 pm ET. Be part of the conversation.

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