THE NOTE: Manhattan Cheers, Bronx Jeers

Giuliani's declaration of support for the Red Sox still has legs on Day Two. The former mayor was skewered on the front pages of his hometown papers ("TRAITOR!" declared the Daily News and "Red Coat" shouted the New York Post) and on sports talk radio and today the New York Times recaps the Bronx cheers for the ardent Yankees fans.

The Union Leader's John DiStaso puts on his Red Sox cap and says it's "unclear how 'big'" it is for Giuliani to jump on the Boston bandwagon and whether it is an issue of character and integrity.

But from a purely sports perspective, DiStaso is unambigious: "Unless he makes a Red Sox exception to his "root for the American League team" rule, he doesn't get it. He doesn't get at all…It's simple. Yankees or Red Sox. Live Free or Die. No gray area. No exceptions."

Politicians betting on professional and college sports teams has become so commonplace and predictable (Philly cheesesteaks, Maryland crabs, New England clam chowder) that the tradition may have jumped the shark.

But leave it to Tom Tancredo to put a little spark back into the ritual by tying his presidential candidacy to the fate of the Colorado Rockies.

ABC News' Z. Byron Wolf reports that Tancredo has offered a "friendly little high stakes wager" to his Republican rival Mitt Romney. "If the Rockies lose, Tancredo will drop out of the Presidential race," said spokesman Alan Moore. But if. . . IF the Red Sox lose, Moore went on, "Romney would have to agree that he'd drop out."

Maybe Tancredo should raise the stakes, swing for the fences and try on the uniform of giant slayer by inviting Rudy Giuliani to take part in the bet and put his Red Sox fandom on the line.

Also in the news: David Yepsen considers the biases that Iowa voters may be dealing with as they consider voting for the first woman/black/Latino/Mormon for president and how that may play in setting the 2012 primary calendar.

"Depending on the outcome, Iowa's image could be enhanced - or trashed. If Clinton, Obama, Richardson or Romney are seen as winning or doing well in Iowa, some will see that as evidence of our virtue, tolerance and progressivity."

"But if they are seen as 'losing' in Iowa, you can bet there will be a lot of talk about how they never had a chance with this sexist, white, fundamentalist audience. You can bet all that will be used against Iowa when it comes time to decide which state goes first in the 2012 campaign."

Is Iran the new Iraq in the Democratic presidential race? Dan Balz thinks so and looks at how the debate is nearly identical to the one over Clinton's 2002 Iraq war authorization vote. Except now – Clinton is on the opposite side of the argument from her leading rivals.

"The focus on Iran highlights the extent to which national security remains the key fault line in the Democratic race as Clinton's opponents seek to slow her momentum."

Fred Thompson sat down with ABC News' Jake Tapper for an interview airing on "Nightline" tonight at 11:35pm ET.

Tapper spent two days with Thompson as he traveled through Florida ,a key state in his campaign strategy. Thompson openly discussed his faith and how his personal life affected his decision to leave and re-enter politics: "A person has to realize at some point in his life it's not about him. It's about higher things, and the need to be right with God. And to be right with those who love you. And if you've got that, none of the rest of it matters."

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