THE NOTE: Dems Tangle in Mailings, Memos on Iran

We're about to find out whether Rep. Ron Paul's money will mean anything. Paul, R-Texas, "will begin a $1.1 million television advertising campaign in New Hampshire," The Hill's Alex Bolton writes. "Perhaps most surprising about Paul's campaign strategy is that he's hoping anti-war Democrats will boost him by a few percentage points by registering as Republicans to vote in the GOP contest."

Boston Globe columnist Scot Lehigh writes that Romney should apologize for his Obama/Osama confusion -- under the Romney standard itself. What did Romney's about Sen. John Kerry's, D-Mass., "botched joke" about troops in Iraq? "When I saw his comment, I was just astounded. . . . What he said was offensive." Lehigh: "So Romney has made his own rules. If he fails to abide by them, what conclusion can we draw? Just this: The home-state candidate is one humongous hypocrite."

Looking for another political angle on the wildfires? "Within political circles, the California wildfires have yet again thrust the debate over the Iraq war into the spotlight, this time by calling into question how America uses its National Guard," HuffingtonPost's Sam Stein writes.

The 24-hour news cycle is so 2004. The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz looks at the minute-by-minute campaign battle on mainstream media blogs (and we don't take personally his failure to mention ABC's Political Radar):

The fun side: "Campaign officials have learned to feed the bottomless pit of these constantly updated compilations, leaking favorable tidbits -- a new poll result or television ad -- and quickly disputing negative items." The bad side: "The constant pressure to update blogs, thereby drawing more Web traffic, leaves less time for reporting and reflection," Kurtz writes.

The kicker:

"We're getting 'Fired up, ready to go' for the 100-day countdown to election day." -- Obama campaign e-mail, trumpeting Sunday's opening of its Los Angeles headquarters. Per the Los Angeles Times' Don Frederick, the campaign changed the wording on the e-mail in light of the fact that Southern Californians don't need help getting fired up these days. A planned block party to celebrate the office opening has been turned into a charity drive.

"Several times -- two, three? . . . I remember the first one getting resolved. The one that just came up I don't remember. I remember the Albanian one that was resolved. I think that was directed at my assistants but I could have been involved in that. And I remember one that was right toward the end. So there was more than one." -- Giuliani, recalling the sundry history of reputed mob attempts on his life.

"An inside job? How dare you. How dare you. It was not an inside job. . . . You guys have got to be careful, you're going to give Minnesota a bad reputation." -- Former President Bill Clinton, to 9/11 hecklers in Minneapolis.

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