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The Boston Globe's Sasha Issenberg profiles Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., on the trail for Obama.

"Above all, Kerry seems to present himself as an early-warning system for the difficulty of beating Republicans: a canary that managed to escape the coal mine, dirtied but able to offer a warning to others in the flock," Issenberg writes. Says Kerry: "I'm very liberated about it. . . . What happens happens. I'm not worried about things. I know who I am."

The Obama campaign stifles some potentially horrible press: "White House hopeful Barack Obama's campaign persuaded a delegate to step down after she was ticketed for calling her neighbor's African-American children 'monkeys,' " Abdon M. Pallasch writes in the Chicago Sun-Times.

"Linda Ramirez-Sliwinski, a Carpentersville village trustee, was elected as an Obama delegate to the Democratic National Convention. She sports an Obama sign in her front yard."

Sen. Bob Casey Jr. talks faith with Beliefnet's Dan Gilgoff -- and his memories of 1992 are still fresh. Asked whether he blames Bill Clinton for keeping his father from speaking at the 1992 Democratic National Convention, he replied: "I think you can probably unearth how that exactly came about but it was a strategic or at least a tactical blunder that caused a lot of Democrats to be pretty angry for a long time."

Her husband still isn't endorsing, but Elizabeth Edwards has a new job: as a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress. "Elizabeth Edwards will be dealing with health care issues at the progressive think tank,"'s Chris Cillizza reports.

"In her new role, Edwards, who has gained a considerable following in the liberal blogosphere thanks to her willingness to call out politicos -- from Sen. John McCain to conservative commenter Ann Coulter -- will also be contributing to CAP's blog."

The kicker:

"Barack told me the first date he took Michelle to was 'Do the Right Thing.' I said, 'Thank God I made it. Otherwise you would have taken her to "Soul Man." ' Michelle would have been like, 'What's wrong with this brother?' " -- Obama supporter Spike Lee.

"What is he saying? Do we clap now?" -- College student Jerry Nieves Rosario, who speaks only Spanish, struggling to understand Bill Clinton's speech in English in Puerto Rico Monday.

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