The Note: Moving On

More mileage out of the rejected op-ed submission: "A House Republican will circulate a letter on Wednesday authorizing a third-party group to take out a full-page advertisement in the New York Times featuring a rejected editorial by their presidential candidate," Politico's Patrick O'Connor reports.

If McCain makes good on Steve Schmidt's vision, this gets interesting again. "Above all, Mr. Schmidt argues that a campaign needs one positive message about its own candidate, and one negative message about the opponent. Sen. Obama has that: He's for change, while Sen. McCain represents more of the same. Sen. McCain long didn't have a strong, simple message of his own," Laura Meckler and Elizabeth Holmes write in The Wall Street Journal.

"Now, Mr. Schmidt has settled on this formula: Sen. Obama represents a big risk, while Sen. McCain rises above partisanship to put country first. Expect to hear that sentiment nearly every day between now and Nov. 4," they write.

Driving the day at the White House: "At a private fundraiser last week in Houston, President Bush, unaware that he was being recorded, joked about the country's housing crisis and said Wall Street is hung over because it 'got drunk,'" per ABC's Matt Jaffe.

"Wall Street got drunk -- that's one of the reasons I asked you to turn off the TV cameras -- it got drunk and now it's got a hangover," the president said. "The question is how long will it sober up and not try to do all these fancy financial instruments."

He also reveals one of the worst-kept secrets around: That he and Laura are looking to move to the Dallas area when they leave the White House. "I like Crawford. Unfortunately after eight years of asking her to sacrifice, I'm now no longer the decision maker," the president said.

(Sorry, Mr. President, but it's hard to get to a Neiman Marcus from Crawford.)

The Veepstakes:

Here that Romney drumbeat? Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., does. "I think he's very much a contender for the job," Graham said of former governor Mitt Romney, R-Mass., per The Hill's J. Taylor Rushing. "They have a good relationship. That's all I'll say."

In New Hampshire Tuesday: "Repeating a quip that has heightened the speculation around Romney, McCain said Romney 'has done a better job for me than he did for himself,' " per The Boston Globe's Michael Kranish. "McCain also sought to allay concerns that bitterness remained between them, saying the Republican Party is united and adding that 'the entire Romney family has been wonderful.' "

Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., gets a closer look by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Deirdre Shesgreen. "All the visibility has created fresh buzz about McCaskill's prospects as a vice presidential candidate, and she's repeatedly appeared on lists of possible choices," Shesgreen writes. "How could anyone really honestly say they're not interested?" McCaskill asked.

"I am your brother Joseph," Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., said at Pastor John Hagee's Israel conference in Washington Tuesday. "I don't agree with everything Pastor Hagee has said, and I can safely say that the pastor doesn't agree with everything that I've said. But there's so much more than that that we agree on."

Robert Novak admits that he was used: "I've since been told by certain people that this was a dodge and that they were trying to get some publicity to rain on Obama's campaign," Novak said on Fox News Channel. "It's pretty reprehensible if it's true, but we'll find out in a couple of days."

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