The Note: The Boy Looking for the Pony

Roll Call's Erin Billings looks at the DCCC's new requirement that Frontline incumbents meet fundraising goals in order to get help as part of its revamped efforts to maximize offense and minimize defense, to paraphrase Chairman Rahm Emanuel. In addition, Gov. Dean is going to turn his attention to fundraising for the committee as well.

Roll Call's Chris Cillizza writes up the request by Reps. Ed Markey and Barney Frank asking Sen. Kerry to lend his support as well -- in the form of some of his leftover campaign cash to help get the DCCC out of debt.

There won't be a Chiles on the 2006 gubernatorial ballot in Florida after all --- Lawton III didn't make the state's residency requirements. We can only ask: Who's staffing this guy? LINK

Sen. John Kerry:

It's a right-place-at-the-right-time kind of day for Sen. John Kerry. As we mentioned above, first this afternoon he takes part in the Congressional Gold Medal ceremony honoring baseball great Jackie Robinson -- recognition he pushed for with Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA).

Kerry and Rachel Robinson, Jackie Robinson's widow, look at Robinson's life and legacy in a Boston Globe op-ed. LINK

Then it's all about the Sox!!

The Boston Herald's Andrew Miga looks at how the nation's pastime is bringing Sen. Kerry and President Bush together -- and Notes that Gov. Romney will not attend the Sox photo op. LINK

Sen. Kerry also had plenty of choice things to say about President Bush's tax and foreign policies, as well as the mainstream media at a forum with Boston Globe columnist Tom Oliphant at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library Monday night. A quick summary: politicians need to focus on accountability; the middle class is getting squeezed by tax cuts for the wealthy; the Bush Administration needs to adjust its attitude on globalism; corporate media owners have killed the investigative spirit and contribute to an atmosphere of fear and lies; and he hasn't thought about a 2008 presidential bid yet. LINK

Hey Leiby: when you go to his house for the presentation on the PAC, maybe you can ask him about that.

2008: Democrats:

Many press and staff and colleague eyes were on the various Democratic governors with possible 2008 aspirations as they gathered in Washington for the NGA meetings.

Two governors in particular have been singled out for being (both in DC and in general) particular grasping and heavy-handed in their jockeying. We are too polite to reveal their names, but tout le monde knows exactly about whom we write.

Perhaps unrelated to all of that, there was apparently one cute moment at a meeting of governors at which Iowa's commander-in-chief Tom Vilsack reminded everyone that the summer NGA meeting is planned for Des Moines. At that Virginia's Mark Warner is said to have talked at some length about how he was really looking forward to that meeting, and planned to bring his wife and kids and stay for some extra days because he regards Iowa as a "field of dreams."

Warner was described afterwards as being surprised that anyone read his comments as '08-centric and that he didn't mean them that way.

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