The Note: Follow The Money

Zachary Coile of the San Francisco Chronicle writes that on his visit to Washington where he visited with the President, Karl Rove, and Cabinet secretaries Leavitt, Spellings, and Norton, Schwarzenegger spent much of his time raising cash from lobbyists representing drug firms, Wall Street, and the entertainment industry, causing his critics to wonder if he's giving too much access to special interests. Coile Notes that Schwarzenegger collected $500,000 from his 21 Club fundraiser in New York Monday night. LINK

The Washington Post's reliable "Names and Faces" column has the Gov palling around with Wayne Berman. LINK

Dean and the Democrats:

The Democratic National Committee, which on Tuesday told us their nomination calendar committee on Saturday was closed to the press, now tells us that it is open.

Campaign finance:

The New York Times' Glen Justice writes of "concerns" that 527s will play a big role in the 2006 Congressional elections but neglects to detail precisely why Sen. McCain and others are worried, other than a general concern that the groups are too influential. LINK

Speech issues, aside -- we'd ask (as we always ask with campaign finance stories like this) -- what's the problem here? Where's the corruption (or potential for corruption)? Is transparency the issue? Or simply a lack of party or candidate control over message? And if there is no or little chance for corruption, what's wrong, from a voter's standpoint, with hearing well-funded, ideologically diverse voices?


Former HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson bolts through the revolving door, per the Wall Street Journal.

"Mr. Thompson, the secretary of Health and Human Services during President Bush's first term, will join Deloitte & Touche USA LLP and the law firmAkin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP. At Deloitte, he will help establish a practice area focused on solving health-care problems that will involve insurers, states and other entities. At Akin Gump, Mr. Thompson will advise companies and health-care providers about regulation and policy. The firm's clients include hospitals, cancer-treatment centers and pharmaceuticals makers."

Other members of Congress -- Reps. Bob Ney (R-OH) and Tom Feeney (R-FL) and aides besides House Majority Leader Tom DeLay have also gone on golf junkets to Scotland with lobbyist Jack Abrmaoff and may have violated House rules, the Los Angeles Times' Chuck Neubauer and Walter Roche report. LINK

Prosecutors in King County, WA, are moving to pull the voter registrations of 99 convicted felons believed to have voted in the 2004 election. Now it's on to the more than 800 possible felon voters the state Republican Party identified in its lawsuit to overturn the election of Gov. Christine Gregoire. LINK ; LINK

The Washington state Supreme Court is considering whether the state's Defense of Marriage Act is constitutional. LINK ; LINK

If you're looking for a good piece on Fed Chairrman Alan Greenspan's actual monetary policy legacy, Stephen Roach, the chief economist for Morgan Stanley, wrote this bottom-line assessment for Foreign Policy. LINK

Can someone explain to us why WalMart's chief lobbyist just resigned? LINK

Free Matt Cooper and Judith Miller:

On the Washington Post's op-ed page, Randall Eliason argues that the prosecutor in the Plame case is just doing his job, and when the investigation focuses on the leak, it makes sense to talk to the reporters who talked to the leaker. LINK

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