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The National Association of Evangelicals released their lobbying plan of action yesterday, with props to the environment, fighting sex trafficking, AIDS relief, and reducing poverty, as well as abortion and marriage. Check out this Thomas Frankian quote from an unnamed evangelical in the Washington Times: "'don't want to be a grouchy evangelical,' said one of the 153 evangelical leaders who attended the statement's release at the Hart Senate Office building. 'But over 25 years, I've seen us getting co-opted over and over again.'" LINK

The Washington Post's Mike Allen looks at the move by Democrats to deadlock the House Ethics Committee by refusing to accept rule changes Republicans instituted in January that would not allow an investigation unless a Republican member of the panel agreed. LINK

We're glad you're feeling better, Leader DeLay. LINK

The Boston Globe's Rick Klein writes up Rep. Tom Davis' threat to hold Major League Baseball players and officials in contempt of Congress if they don't testify today about steroid use. LINK


The New York Sun's Josh Gerstein weighs in with the must-read political story of the day, with news of Harold Ickes' intense lobbying on behalf of 527s and Gerstein's observation that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has not yet taken a position on the 527 bill. Even more amazing to us: Gerstein gets Morton Blackwell on the record! (And then lets him analyze Democratic politics!!) LINK

Clinton Spokesman Philippe Reines declined to answer our question on this as well.

A Quinnipiac poll shows that Rudy Giuliani/Sen. Clinton are roughly tied in their hypothetical match up. Giuliani is more popular than Clinton, but Clinton gets more female support. LINK

The Boston Globe's Frank Phillips writes up the paper's new poll showing Massachusetts voters less than enamored with the idea of Gov. Romney running for president -- 28 percent said he should seek the job, 53 percent said he shouldn't, and 48 percent said he wouldn't make a good president if elected. In addition, his prospects for re-election in 2006 aren't all that sunny either, according to the survey -- 32 percent said he should be re-elected, and 50 percent said someone else should be voted in. Tough numbers, even with the small sample size. LINK

The Boston Globe's Scot Lehigh calls Romney "clumsy" of late, saying that it's hard for the legislature to take you seriously if you've all but made it clear you're a short-timer, but gets John Sass to put him on the short list of serious Republican contenders for 2008. LINK


Linda Feldman and David Cook of the Christian Science Monitor profile DCCC chairman Rahm Emanuel. LINK

A very early poll has good news for Bob Casey and J.B. Poersch. LINK


The Washington Times surveys the "consensus" on the two governors' races this year; New Jersey will probably stay Democratic; Virginia may flip. Or it may not. LINK

OK, now we've interacted with Chad Clanton dozens and dozens of times, and while his Southern accent is certainly pronounced, it's not cartoonish . . . as an endearing but a tad unreal and over-the-top profile in today's New York Times makes it out to be. LINK

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