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The proto-strategist? ABC's Jonathan Karl reviews a new biography of Samuel Adams: "While it is true that he ran his father's Boston malt house for a time, he was perhaps the most forceful single figure behind the American Revolution. He was also America's first great political operative, mastering the arts of spin and strategy in ways that future generations of David Axelrods and Lee Atwaters could profitably emulate," Karl writes in The Wall Street Journal.

Karl continues: "This Adams wasn't playing for the history books. He was trying to plot a revolution. Mr. Stoll makes a convincing case that Samuel Adams is not just the most underrated of the Founders but also one of the most admirable, down-to-earth and principled (he worked to abolish slavery). I'd also add that if the pollsters' question 'Who would you want to have a beer with?' were asked of the Founders, a good answer would be: Samuel Adams."

And Hollywood mattered this election cycle -- for better and worse. "Face it, when even Joe the Plumber can't resist the trappings of fame -- he's pursuing a recording contract -- you know that the anti-Hollywood argument is wilting," Variety's Ted Johnson writes.

"Either way, you'll be seeing a lot more of him. It seems Joe the Plumber, whose real name is Samuel J. "Joe" Wurzelbacher, has not tired of the spotlight. He's hired himself a publicity team to handle the flood of media and appearance requests that have poured in since the presidential debate made him a household name," per ABC's Luchina Fisher. "I have 300 requests on my desk today," his Nashville-based publicist, Jim Della Croce, told on Friday, "personal appearances, endorsements, interviews -- anything a celebrity would expect."

The Sked:

Barack Obama hits the Southern battlegrounds Monday, with rallies in Jacksonville, Fla. at 11 am ET, Charlotte, N.C. at 5:30 pm ET and Manassas Park, Va. at 9 pm ET.

In his sprint to the finish, John McCain has seven rallies in seven states on election eve. His first is at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa at 9 am ET, then it's off to Blountville, Tenn. at 11:45 am ET, followed by Pittsburgh at 1:50 pm ET. Then it's working with time zones -- heading west for Indianapolis at 4 pm ET, Roswell, N.M. at 8 pm ET, Henderson Nev. at 10:45 pm ET, and finally Prescott, Ariz., at 2 am ET.

Sarah Palin is just as busy as her running mate, with six rallies scheduled Monday. She begins in Lakewood, Ohio at 9:15 am ET, then off to Jefferson City, Mo., for a 1 pm ET event. Next is Dubuque, Iowa at 4 pm ET, followed by Colorado Springs at 7:45 pm ET, Reno, Nev. at 11:30 pm ET, and finishing up in Elko, Nev., at 1:30 am ET. Then she flies up to Alaska to vote.

Joe Biden concentrates on the Midwest, holding rallies in Lee's Summit, Mo. at 10:30 am ET, Zanesville, Ohio at 3:45 pm ET, Copley, Ohio at 7:30 pm ET and Philadelphia at 10:40 pm ET.

The Kicker:

"Oh gosh, thank goodness no photographs." -- Joe Biden, recalling a long-ago spring break in Daytona Beach, Fla.

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