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Karl continues: "This Adams wasn't playing for the history books. He was trying to plot a revolution. Mr. Stoll makes a convincing case that Samuel Adams is not just the most underrated of the Founders but also one of the most admirable, down-to-earth and principled (he worked to abolish slavery). I'd also add that if the pollsters' question 'Who would you want to have a beer with?' were asked of the Founders, a good answer would be: Samuel Adams."

And Hollywood mattered this election cycle -- for better and worse. "Face it, when even Joe the Plumber can't resist the trappings of fame -- he's pursuing a recording contract -- you know that the anti-Hollywood argument is wilting," Variety's Ted Johnson writes.

"Either way, you'll be seeing a lot more of him. It seems Joe the Plumber, whose real name is Samuel J. "Joe" Wurzelbacher, has not tired of the spotlight. He's hired himself a publicity team to handle the flood of media and appearance requests that have poured in since the presidential debate made him a household name," per ABC's Luchina Fisher. "I have 300 requests on my desk today," his Nashville-based publicist, Jim Della Croce, told on Friday, "personal appearances, endorsements, interviews -- anything a celebrity would expect."

The Sked:

Barack Obama hits the Southern battlegrounds Monday, with rallies in Jacksonville, Fla. at 11 am ET, Charlotte, N.C. at 5:30 pm ET and Manassas Park, Va. at 9 pm ET.

In his sprint to the finish, John McCain has seven rallies in seven states on election eve. His first is at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa at 9 am ET, then it's off to Blountville, Tenn. at 11:45 am ET, followed by Pittsburgh at 1:50 pm ET. Then it's working with time zones -- heading west for Indianapolis at 4 pm ET, Roswell, N.M. at 8 pm ET, Henderson Nev. at 10:45 pm ET, and finally Prescott, Ariz., at 2 am ET.

Sarah Palin is just as busy as her running mate, with six rallies scheduled Monday. She begins in Lakewood, Ohio at 9:15 am ET, then off to Jefferson City, Mo., for a 1 pm ET event. Next is Dubuque, Iowa at 4 pm ET, followed by Colorado Springs at 7:45 pm ET, Reno, Nev. at 11:30 pm ET, and finishing up in Elko, Nev., at 1:30 am ET. Then she flies up to Alaska to vote.

Joe Biden concentrates on the Midwest, holding rallies in Lee's Summit, Mo. at 10:30 am ET, Zanesville, Ohio at 3:45 pm ET, Copley, Ohio at 7:30 pm ET and Philadelphia at 10:40 pm ET.

The Kicker:

"Oh gosh, thank goodness no photographs." -- Joe Biden, recalling a long-ago spring break in Daytona Beach, Fla.

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