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Politico-medios and the whole Gang of 500 are just starting to realize that this will be the first election cycle in many, many years without New York Times' columnist Bill Safire and his famous and essential year-end quiz.

The Note hereby squats on that sacred turf, months in advance, and warns you all that we will take over Safire's December office pool quizmaking role.

For now, as a show of good faith, we present readers with a timely (and unique) political prognostication test.

Unique, because we are only providing the potential answers, and not the questions or the actual answers.

1. Question 1

A. Harold Ford

B. Patrick Kennedy

C. Anthony Weiner

D. Katherine Harris

2. Question 2

A. June 20, 2005

B. August 8, 2005

C. September 30, 2005

D. November 18, 2005

3. Question 3

A. Hillary Clinton and abortion

B. Evan Bayh and trade

C. John Edwards and unions

D. Bill Richardson and everything

E. all but C

4. Question 4

A. Susan Collins

B. Dennis Hastert

C. Chuck Hagel

D. Chuck Grassley

E. Ray LaHood

5. Question 5

A. add-ons and carve-outs

B. add-ons and pilot carve-outs

C. progressive carve-outs

D. none of the above

6. Question 6

A. John McCain

B. George Allen

C. Bill Frist

D. Rick Santorum

E. all of the above

F. none of the above

7. Question 7

A. immigration

B. Social Security

C. taxes

D. energy

8. Question 8

A. Rahm Emanuel

B. Chuck Schumer

C. Howard Dean

D. none of the above

9. Question 9

A. Michael Jackson

B. Matthew Cooper

C. Bob Novak

D. Jack Abramoff

10. Question 10

A. the Pope

B. Justice Rehnquist

C. Don Imus

D. a United States Senator

11. Question 11

A. Al Gore

B. Bill Bradley

C. Ralph Nader

D. Howard Dean

E. all of the above

F. none of the above

12. Question 12

A. Iowa and New Hampshire

B. Iowa, Michigan, and New Hampshire

C. a one-day four-state showdown

D. Iowa and New Hampshire -- and, long after, a California/Super Tuesday mix

13. Question 13

A. "Two Americas"

B. "Stronger America"

C. "Let America Be America Again"

D. "Americans, Not Americants"

E. "America -- More than Just A Land of Aloof Intellectuals"

14. Question 14

A. Antonin Scalia

B. Clarence Thomas

C. Alberto Gonzales

D. Michael Luttig

E. none of the above

15. Question 15

A. Tom DeLay

B. Roy Blount

C. John Boehner

D. Tom Reynolds

16. Question 16

A. Patti Solis Doyle

B. anyone else

17. Question 17

A. David Sanger and North Korea

B. Elisabeth Bumiller and Roland Betts

C. the Boston Globe and Gov. Romney's political future

D. everyone and Ornstein, Mann, and Hess

18. Question 18

A. "compassionater and conservativer"

B. "a long-time leader on national security"

C. "understands the job isn't over"

D. "carrying the Bush mantle"

E. "making history"

F. "talks to Rove regularly"

19. Question 19

A. the deficit

B. Medicare reform

C. Social Security reform

D. vouchers

20. Question 20

A. William G. Myers

B. Priscilla Owen

C. Janice Brown

D. William Pryor

E. none of the above

21. Question 21

A. Pat Healy

B. Fred Dicker

C. Marc Humbert

D. Ben Smith

E. David Chalian

Answer's (and questions) in tomorrow's Note!!!!!

As for today:

At 11:10 am ET, President Bush delivers a speech on freedom and democracy in Iraq from the White House Rose Garden.

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