The Note: Gonna Do Him Good?

In: Ron Klain: "Vice President-elect Biden has asked veteran Congressional and White House staffer Ron Klain to be his chief of staff in the White House, according to Democratic insiders," Keith Koffler reports in Roll Call. "Klain, who served in the same position for former Vice President Gore, also worked from 1989-1992 for Biden when Biden was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and is known to be close to the vice president-elect. . . . The selection of Klain could signal that Biden intends to play a strong role within the White House and guard whatever turf he can carve out for himself."

Out: Tim Kaine. "I took an oath to be here for my whole term," the Virginia governor told reporters Wednesday. ABC's Jay Shaylor reports: "Sources tell ABC News Kaine expressed his feelings directly to the president-elect during a phone conversation over the weekend. During the call, Kaine told Obama he will finish his term as governor and will not leave his executive office in Richmond for a Cabinet-level post in Washington."

Also out: Al Gore: "President-elect Barack Obama's transition team is flirting with creating a White House 'climate czar,' but climate change crusader Al Gore says he doesn't want the job," The Washington Times' Tom LoBianco and S.A. Miller write. Gore spokeswoman Kalee Kreider: "Former Vice President Gore does not intend to seek or accept any formal position in government."

In (because she's out of the Senate picture): Valerie Jarrett. "Gov. Rod Blagojevich had been giving Valerie Jarrett serious consideration to become Illinois' next senator, but the close friend and adviser to President-elect Barack Obama took herself out of the running on Wednesday," Rick Pearson and John McCormick report in the Chicago Tribune.

In or out: the White House political office. "It was a standard applause line on the campaign trail: Barack Obama condemned the 'perpetual campaign' that has consumed Washington, contending that the slash-and-burn politics practiced by the Bush White House had gotten in the way of governing," Politico's Carrie Budoff Brown reports. "But President-elect Obama has been virtually silent on bipartisan calls in recent months to eliminate the White House office that has been described as the nerve center of the sprawling political operations headed up by Bush adviser Karl Rove."

Should be in? You will hear this again: "One lawyer who offered Democrats advice during the presidential campaign suggested that Obama could decide to keep on several of the nation's 93 U.S. attorneys, such as Patrick J. Fitzgerald in Chicago, in a bid to demonstrate that merit trumps political connections. Fitzgerald, who prosecuted former vice presidential aide I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby and Antoin 'Tony' Rezko, a Democratic fundraiser with ties to Obama, is a political independent," Carrie Johnson writes in The Washington Post.

Happening Thursday, per the Obama-Biden transition office: "The Vice President-elect and Dr. Jill Biden have been invited by Vice President Cheney and his wife Lynne to the Naval Observatory on Thursday at 5:15 pm for a private meeting and tour of the residence. The arrival of the Vice President-elect and Dr. Biden will be pooled. The meeting will be closed press. An official photo of the Bidens and Cheneys will be released following the meeting."

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