The Note: Hanging on the Telephone



Even with all the photo ops and talk-show banter, so much of what happens in politics and political media goes on behind the scenes.

And even with the advent of so much high-tech equipment attached to the hip, the old fashioned, Alexander Graham Bell telephone is still used with some regularity.

As we look forward to Congress' return to town (Between Easter and Schiavo, things have been oddly quiet in DC for March.), here are the pairs whose next telephone conversations we would most like to hear.

(Note Note: these duos weren't chosen at random.)

(Note Note 2: Google will pretty much solve any of these you don't know right off the bat.)

Rick Santorum and Tom Minnery

Al Hubbard and Daniel Luskin

Roy Blunt and Karl Rove

Eric Cantor and Roy Blunt

Paul Gigot and Stuart Roy

Stuart Roy and Dan Allen

Dan Allen and Tim Berry

Bill Frist and Shell Suber

Rick Santorum and Douglas Johnson

Bob Novak and Jack Kemp

Ron Klain and Joe Biden

Harry Reid and Howard Dean

Bill Richardson and Tom Vilsack

Ron Klain and Evan Bayh

Roberto Ramirez and Al Sharpton

Antonio Villaraigosa and Bill Carrick

Eliot Spitzer and Alan Hevesi

David Kirkpatrick and Ted Haggard

Gina Glantz and Carl Pope

Mitt Romney and Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy and John McCain

Mike Murphy and Jeb Bush

John Weaver and Mike Murphy

Mark McKinnon and John Weaver

Mike Allen and the last person he talks to at night

Mike Allen and the first person he talks to in the morning

Chris LaCivita and Dick Wadhams

George Lakoff and Howard Dean

Karl Rove and Don Fierce

John Ashcroft and John Danforth

Phillip Zelikow and Secretary Rice

Rudy Giuliani and a Red Cross official

John Danforth and Jack Oliver

Izzy Klein & Guinness Book of World Records (re: press releases per week)

Sen. McCain and Lindsey Graham

Bob Novak and a SAO

Dr. Dobson and Ken Mehlman

Bill Bradley and Mark Halperin

Bill Frist and Lee Bandy

John McCain and Scott Spradling

Leader Pelosi and Charlie Rangel

Brad Woodhouse and the FTC anti-spam department

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Pat D. Healy

Bill Burton & Rep. Lois Capps

Jack Abramoff and anybody

Trent Lott and Ron Bonjean

At 9:15 am ET, President Bush met with members of the Commission on the Intelligence Capabilities of the United States regarding weapons of mass destruction in the White House Cabinet Room. He makes a statement on the panel's findings at 11:40 am ET.

That's the big political event of the day, and it would open up the Administration to political vulnerability, if the Democrats were (a) in town; (b) possessed of a unified, coherent message on national security.

First Lady Laura Bush is back from Afghanistan.

The board of executive directors of the World Bank are scheduled to hold a mid-morning meeting to review the nomination of Paul Wolfowitz to serve as the new president of the World Bank.

Opponents of Wolfowitz's nomination will protest outside the World Bank at 10:00 am ET with a "one-horse race" -- whatever that is.

Treasury Secretary John Snow talks about Social Security with local business leaders in Bismarck, ND, at 8:30 am ET, and addresses a government class at Bismarck High School at 11:30 am ET.

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