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"A DeLay spokesman said that is an 'absurd' insinuation showing 'the lengths Democrats will go to attack.'"

Read the whole Wire today for more on the public's impression of the media, a Harwood scoop about the Treasury, and much, much more.

The Wall Street Journal's editorial page bashes Sen. Pat Leahy for stalling asbestos legislation. (And then it bashes conspiratorial conservatives for peddling alleged misinformation about the Sandy Berger settlement.)

2008 Republicans:

Dude! From a press release: "Katon Dawson, Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party, announced today that Luke Byars will be leaving the State Party as Executive Director and taking a new position as State Director of Senator Jim DeMint's South Carolina offices. Dawson also announced the addition of Scott Malyerck as interim Executive Director."

If you don't know who Scott Malyerck is or who he worked for or why Katon Dawson gets mad props and Jim DeMint gets a great new state director, you're not paying close enough attention.

We wonder where Minnesota Public Radio got THIS idea: LINK

Massachusetts pays a Boston Herald op-ed columnist, per the Boston Globe. LINK

2008: Democrats:

The presidential copter war between Schumer/Clinton and Dodd continues, with Schumer calling Dodd's actions a "sneak attack and Senator Clinton saying she's ready for a fight. LINK

Sen. Mark Dayton appears to be aboard the HRC bandwagon for 2008. LINK

Sen. Clinton's speech to Seventh Day Adventists was ably chronicled by the New York Sun, which reports that previous speakers at the gala in past years included Sen. Sam Brownback and Rep. Chris Smith. LINK

Feel better, Sen. Kerry (who has two weeks on crutches ahead of him after some knee surgery). LINK


Consultants to Mike Bloomberg: Don't let people know you're a rich billionaire who weekends in the Caribbean! LINK

The New York Times' Pat Healy gets seven participants in a meeting to spill the advice they gave the mayor's campaign team about how he needs to take back control of his public image. A must-read for Gotham politicos. LINK

House of Labor:

Score for SEIU and 49,000 child workers in Illinois. LINK

But why did the SEIU press release seem to put SEIU's victory in contrast to an AFSCME loss?

"The final vote total was 13,484 for SEIU and 359 for no union. Another union, AFSCME, which pulled out of the election after most of the votes had already been cast, received minimal support. Overall, SEIU outpolled AFSCME by a 5-to-1 margin, receiving 82 percent of the vote to 16 percent for AFSCME. Two percent of the votes were for no union."

(Well, we know why, but . . . )

Schwarzenegger era:

Gov. Schwarzenegger backed off his plan to revamp the state's public pension system with personal accounts this year in a surprise news conference on Thursday, reports John Hill of the Sacramento Bee. LINK

"The move represents a huge political defeat for Schwarzenegger that illustrates the perils of governing by initiative. Unions and Democrats said the governor's retreat would help open the way for discussions of problems they said were more pressing to most Californians."

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