The Note: Special Relationships

Rep. Rob Portman's former press secretary Kyle Downey "has a new job as communications director for Sen. John Thune, R-S.D. Former chief of staff Robert Lehman, scheduler Marie-Lise Sackett and administrative assistant Marisa Etter joined Portman at the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, Downey said," reports the Cincinnati Enquirer. LINK

Roll Call's Nicole Duran reports that Democratic polling firm Lake Snell Perry Mermin and Associates, has bought out a rival, Decision Research, and pollsters Bob Meadow and Heidi von Szeliski will fold in with the larger firm in San Diego and Washington, DC.

The Washington Post's Peter Carlson looks at the changes that aren't quite taking the Bob Jones out of Bob Jones University. LINK

Our winner for most inventive state party strategy to raise money and not have to hire an ad firm: the North Carolina Democratic Party.

Yesterday afternoon, members got this message from chair Jerry Meek:

"Dear NC Democrat:

"People often ask me, 'Why isn't the Party advertising year-round to get our message out?'

"I'll tell you why we haven't been: Money.

"Advertising is expensive and we usually save our resources for even-numbered election years.

"Let's do things differently. Let's think outside the box.

"Here's my deal with you. Send the Party $35 and, if we get enough contributions in $35 increments, we'll use it to buy radio advertising and spread our message across the state.

"Since you're paying for the spots, I want you to come up with the message. Send us you're proposed script for a 30-second radio ad. Depending upon how much money we have, we'll produce one or two of them.

" . . . This is your Party. Together, we'll build it one person at a time."

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