The Note: Learning to Use Irrationality As a Bargaining Tool

"He ate 75 percent of his dinner which was Dijon encrusted salmon with boursin cheese served with whipped red potatoes and matchstick squash."

"[He} didn't touch the crème brulee cheesecake with whipped cream and raspberry garnish."

"And of course . . . Diet Coke!"


Fred Dicker leads his New York Post poll wrap with the "strong majority of New Yorkers [who] want Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton to commit to serving a full six-year term if she wins re-election next year . . . " LINK

" . . . But at an awards dinner at the Waldorf last night, Clinton wouldn't make the pledge, refusing to reveal her political plans beyond 2006."

"'I'm focused on winning re-election. That's my goal,' she said."

The Daily News' Celeste Katz gets some punditry on the topic. LINK

"That could dog her in her reelection bid, said Doug Muzzio of the Baruch College School of Public Affairs."

"'It will be made an issue by any primary opponent, [and] even in the general election,' he said. 'Running away from a previous commitment never looks good. Whether it's damning is another question.'"

"U.S. Rep. Ted Strickland, a former prison psychologist and Methodist minister, appears likely to become the second Democrat running for governor."

"Though Strickland himself was quiet Thursday -- saying only he would make an announcement next week -- Democratic officials and the other Democrat already running, Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman, said they expected him to join the race," reports the Associated Press. LINK

More from the Cleveland Plain Dealer. LINK


The New York Post's City Hall Bureau Chief David Seifman highlights the goodies Mayor Bloomberg is handing out in his election year budget. LINK

"The budget Mayor Bloomberg proposed yesterday offered something for everyone -- except his mayoral rivals, who were left with little to gripe about," writes Dave Saltonstall of the New York Daily News in his budget analysis. LINK

"Television will have to wait: Mayor Bloomberg is launching a $100,000, five-week Internet advertising blitz aimed at recruiting tens of thousand of volunteers, the Daily News has learned," reports Michael Saul. LINK

Fernando Ferrer picked up support from some Brooklyn elected officials -- a couple of whom, the New York Post points out, had some recent run ins with the law. LINK

Noam Scheiber in the New Republic defends Ferrer (on principles, no less!!!): LINK

Is Mayor Mike obsessed with a West Side stadium? He says no but letters he wrote to the City's conflict of interest board suggest otherwise, the New York Times reports. LINK


The Washington Times' Brian DeBose has a good article on the ideological diversity within the Congressional Black Caucus, Noting that five of its members voted in favor of bankruptcy reform legislation. LINK

The New York Post reports Kofi Annan's potential troubles in the oil for food scandal at the U.N. are heading to a Henry Hyde committee room. LINK

"House International Relations Committee Chairman Henry Hyde (R-Ill.) announced that Robert Parton, who resigned in protest from the investigation headed by Paul Volcker, had complied with the panel's subpoena"

"Parton, who claimed Volcker probers had been too soft on Annan in their last report, turned over boxes of documents on Annan's son, Kojo."

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