The Note: Intraparty Love and Warfare

Scott Greenberger of the Boston Globe looks at Gov. Mitt Romney's changing views on abortion. Romney said last week that he is now ''in a different place" on abortion, but would not elaborate on his comments. Romney would not be the first presidential candidate to have shifted his abortion views over time, of course. LINK

2008: Democrats:

It's worth Noting Monday's Joan Vennochi column in the Boston Globe on Sen. Kerry's announcement that he has signed Form 180 and plans to send it to the Navy soon, at which point, says Kerry, the Navy will release all documents to the public. Note Vennochi's headline, which doubles as her description of Kerry: "The Caveat Emperor." LINK

And Note the homestate paper's dripping contempt of the kind that used to drive Jim Jordan nuts.

The Washington Post's Roxanne Roberts seems charmed by Teresa Heinz last night at the 11th annual Heinz Awards. LINK

Washington State gubernatorial election trial:

The Seattle Times' David Postman looks at Republicans' first key witnesses on the stand in the trial over the Washington state gubernatorial election -- Bill Huennekens, superintendent of King County elections, who spent most of yesterday trying to explain a falsified ballot report, and Nicole Way, the county's absentee-ballot supervisor, who Republicans hope will link the report to higher-level malfeasance. Yesterday, Judge Bridges handed the state GOP a victory by saying it could enter into evidence King County records showing 875 more absentee ballots counted than voters having been recorded as casting their ballots by mail. LINK

The heart of the Republican case is that King County's elections operation was an "unholy mess," writes Gregory Roberts of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. LINK

John Harwood considers the long-term political implications on page A4 of the Wall Street Journal.

Schwarzenegger era:

The Los Angeles Times' Rachel "I Like Mike" Abramowitz looks at the take-down of Gov. Schwarzenegger by Warren Beatty in a commencement speech over the weekend in a nice little round of chest-beating that's broken Hollywood's silence on the Governator's tenure in office. It doesn't get any better than Rob Stutzman calling you a "crackpot." LINK


Spokane, WA City Councilwoman Cherie Rodgers, who has called for Mayor Jim West's resignation, will take questions in an online chat on the Spokesman-Review Web site today. LINK

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