The Note: Intraparty Love and Warfare

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee marks up the energy bill; the Judiciary Committee continues to mark up asbestos trust fund litigation (Did y'all catch the Freedom Works response ads to Arlen Specter's tax arguments?); and the Senate Intelligence Committee meets behind closed doors.

Amnesty International releases its annual report today at 10:00 am ET.

The South Carolina Senate Democratic Caucus dines tonight with Virginia Gov. Mark Warner at Leaside (that's right behind Jim Hudson Automotive) in Columbia.

Two new ads to tell you about this morning. The Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) has a spot on DC cable that calls Sens. Clinton, Kerry, and Kennedy the "Hypocrite Caucus" for espousing equal opportunity while denying Janice Rogers Brown and up or down vote. LINK

And the Senate Accountability Project, a progressive 527 backed by trial lawyer money, will broadcast an ad today in Nevada to respond directly to Progress for America's ad criticizing Sen. Harry Reid. The ad compares critics of Reid to Sen. Joe McCarthy and in a case of what we presume is unintentional irony (perhaps): the ad also attacks "shadowy interest groups." The tag line: "What's happening to Harry Reid? Nothing. He's standing even taller. . . . Whatever they say. Whatever they spend. Whatever it takes." Which means, according to a consultant working on the ad, they'll match PFA's buy point-for-point. LINK

Sen. Edwards is scheduled to speak about global challenges facing the United States and Europe at the London School of Economics at 11:30 am ET.

Sen. McCain tapes an appearance on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" this afternoon. The show will air early tomorrow morning at 12:35 am ET.

The Wisconsin Democratic Party today plans to announce that Sen. Evan Bayh will be their keynote speaker at the state party convention on June 10.

The Center for American Progress will announce today that former President Bill Clinton will keynote their first Campus Progress National Student Conference on July 13.

Gov. Schwarzenegger will discuss his "reform agenda" at the 79th Annual Golden State Breakfast (formerly the Sacramento Host Breakfast) at 11:00 am ET.

Filibuster compromise: will it last?

" . . . for now, the initial signs are that the deal is working, at least over the contested appellate-court positions. The Senate agreed in an 81-18 vote to end the filibuster on Bush federal appeals-court nominee Priscilla Owen, clearing the way for her likely confirmation today to the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeal," writes Jeanne Cummings in the Wall Street Journal.

Anita Kumar of the St. Pete Times wasn't able to find an expert who thinks it will last. LINK

"A Republican Senate leadership aide said that if Democratic signatories engage in a frivolous filibuster, then the Republican signers will happily support the 'nuclear option,' which would set a new precedent to ban judicial filibusters," writes Charles Hurt in the Washington Times. LINK

"One of the signatories to the agreement, South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham, said yesterday it 'will require stronger collaboration by the president' with the Senate," Notes Bloomberg's Greg Stohr.

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