The Note: Throat Clearing

"The radio spots airing in Des Moines and Dubuque take aim at the eight-term U.S. House member's receipt of $15,000 in campaign contributions last year from House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's federal political action committee."

And be sure to Note Gordon Fischer's involvement.

The Schwarzenegger Era:

The Los Angeles Times ' Evan Halper reports that Democrats in the California legislature on Tuesday announced a plan to come up with an estimated $1.8 billion a year to help shrink the state's budget deficit and give more money to schools — by raising taxes on high-income Californians. We can guess how the Governator will react. LINK


As this morning's DNC press release and this Toledo Blade article indicate, Howard Dean thinks there is still more mileage to get on the Tom Noe flap in Ohio. LINK

The tax-hike-refusin' Mitch Daniels is back in the good graces of the Wall Street Journal editorial board. Sort of.

Speaking of the Journal's editorial board: the Free Enterprise Fund announces today that Mallory Factor will replace Stephen Moore as its public face; Moore will become a full-time economics editorialist for the Journal; Factor becomes the FEF's non-paid chair.

"Without Mallory Factor's tireless efforts to help raise funds for the best Senate candidates, like Jim DeMint, John Sununu, and John Thune, it is no exaggeration to say that the Republicans might not have control of the Senate today," Moore said in a statement. "I am confident that Mallory Factor and FEF will work vigorous to make sure the right candidates keep getting elected, the Fund plans to raise 20 million for pro growth conservative candidates to the House and Senate in 2006."

Gubernatorial election on trial:

David Postman of the Seattle Times looks at the accusation by Republican attorney Dale Foreman that the secretary of state's office is not neutral, and is secretly siding with the Democrats, in the lawsuit over the results of the Washington state gubernatorial election. LINK

Gregory Roberts of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer looks at the escalating partisan rhetoric, with Democrats accusing Republicans of firing up their tactics in place of having a case. LINK

Spokane mayor:

Mike Prager of the Spokesman-Review reports that the Spokane City Council unanimously voted to ask Mayor Jim West to step down hours after West's "Today" show appearance, which clearly ruffled a lot of feathers. LINK

AP's Nicholas Geranios has more details. LINK

Free Matt Cooper and Judith Miller:

In other news on the "protecting sources" front, we wonder if, over the long Memorial Day weekend, you missed this: on Friday, the attorneys general of 34 states and the District of Columbia filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court, asking the justices to hear the case of Time magazine's Matt Cooper and the New York Times ' Judith Miller. The brief took no position on special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's case would hold up if federal protection for journalists exists, the New York Times ' Adam Liptak reports, but argued that the absence of a federal shield law undermines the 49 states that do have them. LINK

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