The Note: Wait Till You See That Sunshine Place

"It means Bloomberg goes before New York City voters in this year's election with an enviable and exploitable record of accomplishment. He risked it all on education and it looks like education is paying off for him. He's risked a great deal on the stadium — and if the cement trucks start rolling up Tenth Avenue and begin pouring out the material to make the huge platform on which the new facility will sit, he will be able to say he got it done."

Lesson 302 about New York politics: Never -- we mean NEVER -- insult Geraldine Ferraro. LINK

Maggie Haberman of the New York Daily News Notes the bristling at Joe Mercurio's remarks that took place in the Ferrer camp yesterday. LINK

As everyone waits for the white or black smoke to rise in Albany . . .

The New York Post editorializes for the stadium: LINK

As does the New York Daily News (on its front page!): LINK

The New York Times is against: LINK

We suspect this might come up on the campaign trail:

Reports Anahad O'Connor in the New York Times , "Four years after scores of rescue workers were injured in the smoldering wreckage of the World Trade Center, the federal government plans to rescind $125 million that was allocated to help them, and many of those who requested compensation are finding their claims being disputed at 10 times the rate that typical workers face. The money, included in a $20 billion aid package the federal government gave to New York in late 2001, was part of $175 million that was earmarked for the state's workers' compensation program. So far, only $50 million of the part set aside for trade center workers has been spent, and a provision in the Bush administration's budget for fiscal 2006 would reclaim the remaining $125 million." LINK


A Wall Street Journal editorial attacks arch-nemesis Eliot Spitzer as essentially being craven about his political ambitions.

The Houston Chronicle covers the battleground for 2006 as Texans gear up for a possibly fierce gubernatorial race. Gov. Rick Perry has announced he will run for reelection, but many Republicans are waiting to see who will challenge the governor and a favorite candidate would be Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. Hutchison will not announce her decision to run until late summer and if she decides to run her open senate seat would be another hot battle to watch. LINK

Lee Bandy of The State covers the one-sided relationship between the South Carolina legislature and Gov. Mark Sanford. As Sanford repeatedly tries to push through state legislation, his legislature rejects it again and again. "Despite the disappointing year, Sanford is keeping his chin up." LINK

Dick DeVos says "he intends to seek the Republican nomination to challenge Gov. Jennifer Granholm in 2006," reports the Detroit News. LINK


"President Bush will return $4,000 in campaign contributions donated by Toledo area coin dealer Tom Noe and his wife, officials said yesterday," reports the Toledo Blade. LINK

"Rep. Peter King is on the short list of candidates to take the reins of the influential House Homeland Security Committee — a post that would enable him to direct a bonanza of bucks to New York first responders," reports the New York Post 's Ian Bishop as he explains how the fifth most senior Republican could possibly catapult to the top spot. LINK

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