The Note: Talking Is Cheap



Here's your Wednesday Note check-list-slash-quiz.

Quick!!!!!! Print it out, make your educated guesses, and see how you did as you settle in to watch "World News Tonight with Peter Jennings."

----------------------------CUT HERE---------------------------------------

At this morning's Cabinet meeting, President Bush will say what about Karl Rove to the pool? _____________________________________________________

At his speech in Madison, WI tonight, Howard Dean will mention Rove how many times? _______________

Of Dean's Rove mentions how many will be fully and unambiguously supported by the facts? ______________

At his speech in Washington today, Bill Clinton will focus on what? ____________________________________

After his expected grand jury appearance today, will Matt Cooper stop and talk to the press? ______________

After his expected grand jury appearance today, will Matt Cooper leave the courthouse by cab, by hired car, or on foot? _____________________

What is wrong with this sentence from David Sanger's New York Times story: "The entire contretemps at the White House this week centers on whether Mr. Rove tried to discredit Mr. Wilson by suggesting that his mission to Niger was the product of nepotism, and that Ms. Wilson had arranged for it"? ___________________________________________________________________

Who will be the first non-Tancredo potential presidential candidate to respond to DHS Secretary Chertoff's border security proposals?__________________________

-----------------------------------CUT HERE---------------------------------

As always, First Prize is a one-year free subscription to the Walt Disney Company's The Note.

In the event of a tie, accurate answers to the following questions will be used to determine the winner:

-----------------------------CUT HERE--------------------------------------------

The degree to which a clever, well-conceived political strategy can be discerned in Harry Reid's daily comments on the Supreme Court vacancy can best be described how? _______________________________________________

The first prominent Democrat to give Karl Rove the benefit of the doubt will be who? _____________

Robert Luskin's public advocacy on behalf of Karl Rove can best be characterized how? _____________________________________________________________________________

What Yiddish word best describes the personal trait John Bolton possesses as reflected in his alleged request for more office space at the State Department? __________

Which expression has Scott McClellan used more times this week: "this podium" or "in the context of an ongoing investigation"? _______________________

--------------------------------CUT HERE-------------------------

As suggested above, there are some real marquee events on the political daybook today.

President Bush meets with his Cabinet at 9:55 am ET and will probably be asked a question or two by the pool of reporters ushered in at the bottom of the meeting.

ABC News' Jason Ryan reports, "it is expected that Time reporter Matt Cooper will testify before the grand jury seated for the CIA leak investigation. The current grand jury schedule has the grand jury ready to meet at 9:30 am ET at the US District Court."

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