Sex and the Single Woman's Vote

"My goal is to increase the women's vote and make sure these single women voters, who know about Hillary's positions, get out and vote for her," said Clinton's senior advisor Ann Lewis, who leads a women's outreach effort for the Clinton campaign.

The campaign pays particularly close attention to women voters, e-mailing updates, called "HillGrams," to influential women, and holding "Club44" low-dollar fundraising events to attract younger women.

"She has a big political advantage rooted in her leadership over the years, on issues that are of particular interest and concern to women," Lewis said, citing Clinton's position on equal pay, access to emergency contraception, health care and her advocacy for women's rights, at the women's conference in Beijing, as first lady.

Lewis said the campaign will dispatch female volunteers to key primary states, before the caucus and primary elections, to woo women voters.

"But right now, we're at the stage of building our networks, building our lists, and encouraging our supporters [to] reach out and building a peer-to-peer network," Lewis said.

Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, Clinton's Democratic rival, is also making women's outreach a component of his campaign. His wife has held women's lunches in South Carolina, and has spoken on his behalf to women's groups.

Women's PAC Organizing for Clinton

Emily's List, a political action organization, committed to electing women for abortion rights, plans a major mobilization effort, targeting women in the lead-up to the primary elections, in an effort to persuade them to vote for Clinton.

The influential PAC plans to reach out to women in primary states with door-to-door visits, Internet e-mails, mailings and telephone calls.

It is launching a Web site Nov. 19, designed to mobilize Iowa women to vote for Clinton — and will specifically target young women and women who have never voted in a caucus before.

"We are going to reach out to the women of Iowa," said Maren Hesla, director of the Emily's List Women Vote program that focuses on mobilizing women to vote for Democratic women candidates who are for abortion rights, up and down the ballot.

Hesla said the new Web site will feature Iowa women talking to women about Clinton's candidacy, will have links to social networking sites and will offer basic information, like where caucuses will be located in Iowa, Jan. 3.

She said the group may also send out paid staffers to campaign on the ground in Iowa, and go door-to-door to mobilize Iowa women voters.

"When women hear about politics from other women, they are more likely to actually vote for the candidate," Hesla said.

The influential women's group also plans to roll out a huge, paid advertising campaign, though they won't divulge how much they intend to spend.

"It will be substantial, and you won't be able to escape it," Hesla added.

Unmarried Female Demographic Growing

Gardner said unmarried women, as a demographic, will continue to grow.

Census data reflect a national trend of delaying marriage, with both women and men waiting longer to marry, and an increasing number of couples opting to live together, rather than marry.

But what is less clear is whether unmarried women will turn out to vote. If they do, the trend could be a political boon in 2008 for the Democratic Party.

"These women are excited about this election," Gardner said.

Gardner added that most women are not attuned to the recent debate over whether the Clinton campaign is playing the "gender card," by highlighting the "pile on" attack she's receiving from both Republican and Democratic candidates.

"These are not people who enjoy the back and forth, in terms of the negative aspects of the campaign," she said. "They are highly motivated in this election about the issues — economic mobility, health care, and Iraq — and they are attracted to the idea of change."

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