TRANSCRIPT: ABC News/Facebook/WMUR Republicans Debate

But I'm not running for George Bush's third term. I want to be president of the United States on my own terms.

And I think it's important for us to recognize...

ROMNEY: Charlie, I get to respond to that.

HUCKABEE: Let me finish this. When Congressman...


PAUL: ... I get a chance to respond.


HUCKABEE: The fact is when there is a serious threat to this country, it is not a threat because we happen to be peace-loving people. It's a threat because in the heart of the radical Islamic faith -- not all Islam, and that's what's very important.

This isn't an Islamic problem. This is a jihadist problem. This is an Islamo-fascism problem.

And if you read the writings of those who most influenced -- and Governor Romney mentioned Sayyid Qutb, executed in Egypt in 1966. He is one of the major philosophers behind this.

And the fact is, there is nothing about our attacking them that prompts this. They are prompted by the fact they believe that they must establish a worldwide caliphate that has nothing to do with us other than we live and breathe and their intention is to destroy us.

GIBSON: Very quickly. You after Governor Romney.

ROMNEY: A number of things.

I disagree with the governor writing in Foreign Affairs magazine that the president's administration suffers from an arrogant bunker mentality.

HUCKABEE: Did you read the article before you commented on it?

ROMNEY: I did read the article, the whole article. I read the entire article and I thought it was -- well, I won't make any further comments. It was not...


HUCKABEE: Before you commented on it?

ROMNEY: Before -- I got a copy of the article and read the article. And in the headline of the article, it said, "The Bush..."

MCCAIN: Did you read mine?



ROMNEY: No, no, hold on.

John, no, I didn't. Sorry. But I read his.


ROMNEY: And number two...

(UNKNOWN): What about mine?

ROMNEY: Number two -- number two, I did support the surge. It was Senator McCain, of all of us, who was out fighting for the surge. He right on that.

On the same day the president announced the surge, I also, having spoken that day with Fred Kagan, who's one of the brilliant theorists in this regard, I laid out my plan that I thought made sense -- actually even before the president's speech -- calling for additional troops. I called for a different number.

So I also supported the surge from the very beginning.

ROMNEY: But, look, you know, Governor, don't try and characterize my position. Of course, this war...

HUCKABEE: Which one?


ROMNEY: You know, we're wise to talk about policies and not to make personal attacks.

HUCKABEE: Well, it's not a personal attack, Mitt, because you also supported a timed withdrawal. And Senator Pryor from my state...

ROMNEY: No, that's...

HUCKABEE: ... was praising you for that, and...

ROMNEY: I do not support and have never supported a timed withdrawal, so that's wrong, Governor.

You know, it's really helpful if you talk about your policies and the things you believe, and let me talk about my policies.

And my policy is, I've never talked about a timed withdrawal with a date certain for us to leave. That's not the case. Simply wrong.

I've also supported the troop surge, Governor, and I supported it on the same day the president brought it forward.

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