Is the Word 'Pimp' Still Offensive?

"The fact a word is used more doesn't necessarily make it less offensive," said Sheidlower.

Barry Popik, a contributer to the Oxford English Dictionary, told that he doesn't believe the word packs as much punch as it used to.

"In my opinion, 'pimp' has certainly been watered down from what it once was," Popik told in an e-mail. "But it's all in the context -- the same with 'bitches' and 'hos.' It wasn't wise to use it on a television news broadcast."

Motherly Reaction From Clinton

Thomas Whalen, an associate professor of social science at Boston University, said that while some critics may argue that Clinton's response was only for political show, he believes otherwise: Clinton was doing what any mother would do in a similar situation and defending her child.

"People are forgetting the point that Chelsea is the daughter of Hillary Clinton, and that she has always been very protective of her daughter -- when she was first lady and now," said Thomas Whalen, who is also the author of "A Higher Purpose: Profiles in Presidential Courage."

Whalen said the pimp remark was appropriate but not akin to radio host Don Imus' remarks last year, when he was fired for using a racial slur to describe members of the Rutgers University women's basketball team. Imus has since been reinstated on the airwaves and has apologized repeatedly for his remarks.

"It seems like Hillary Clinton and her family have been lambasted somewhat unfairly, added Whalen. "It's like the Clinton family is a punching bag for America."

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