Obama Adviser Resigns After Calling Clinton 'a Monster'

When asked about the contradiction, Wolfson said that Johnson "is a supporter of ours, but he is not a senior policy adviser … I don't mean to minimize his importance. But he is not part of the daily campaign life in the way that Samantha Power has been."

And no longer is.

Obama Adviser: Clinton a 'Monster'

The Scotsman newspaper reported Thursday evening that Power had described Clinton as "a monster," then attempted to subsequently make the comment off the record.

After the comments received notice, the Obama campaign issued a statement from Power saying "these comments do not reflect my feelings about Senator Clinton, whose leadership and public service I have long admired. I should not have made these comments and I deeply regret them. It is wrong for anyone to pursue this campaign in such negative and personal terms. I apologize to Senator Clinton and to Senator Obama, who has made very clear that these kinds of expressions should have no place in American politics." Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton issued a statement saying that "Obama decries such characterizations, which have no place in this campaign."

But the campaign on Thursday stopped short of firing Power, and she stopped short of resigning.

In December, Obama had said he did "not want to see research that is involved in trying to tear people down personally. If I find out that somebody is doing that, they will be fired. And I have been absolutely crystal clear about this, and I have been clear about this for a very long time."

Later Friday, Power apologized for calling Clinton "a monster", explaining that at the time she was having "weak moment."

"I can't even believe it came out of my mouth," Power told a reporter in Ireland Friday after announcing her resignation. "The campaign was getting very tense and every public appearance I've ever made talking about Senator Clinton I have sung her praises, as the leader she's been, intellect, warm, funny. I spent time with her and I think that I just had a very weak moment."

"I'm truly sorry at the harm that it must have caused her. Obviously sorry about any harm I might have caused Senator Obama, who has run such a clean campaign and I talked to him to him today and it was very clear for both of us that we can't have these kinds of comments, that's the whole point of our campaign," she said.

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