Who's in the Republican Veepstakes?

9. SEC chairman Christopher Cox
  PROS: Brings immediate economic and business credentials. Has a job that's growing in profile with economic unease. Strong ties on Capitol Hill as champion of tax reform.

CONS: Would provide little help in carrying California, the state he represented in Congress. SEC leadership has been criticized by conservatives who favor freer-market approaches.

10. Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana
  PROS: A conservative rising star. At 36, would provide an antidote to McCain's age. Ethnic diversity, as nation's first Indian-American governor.

CONS: Newly installed governor is untested on the national stage. Would face questions about his ability to take over in a crisis.

11. Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn.
  PROS: Choosing Al Gore's former running mate would constitute a bold move to the center. Has worked closely with McCain on Iraq policy and environmental issues. Deep personal relationship with the candidate.

CONS: Still votes with the Democrats on most issues not connected to the war, and supports abortion rights. Could prompt a conservative revolt. Probably wouldn't help carry his heavily Democratic home state.

12. Gen. David Petraeus
  PROS: Widely respected U.S. commander would help raise the stakes in a national-security election. Cerebral and talented general with strong political skills.

CONS: Has never held elected office. Would ensure more than ever that McCain's fate would rest on outcome of Iraq War.

13. Rep. Mike Pence, R-Ind.
  PROS: A conservative rising star who will be 49 on Election Day. Has led House efforts to control wasteful spending. Former talk-show host would be effective campaign presence.

CONS: Minimal national profile or foreign-policy experience.

14. Republican Gov. Sonny Perdue of Georgia
  PROS: Brings executive experience and strong support of social conservatives. A proven fundraiser who would give McCain a base of support in the Bible Belt.

CONS: Has tangled with home-state Republicans on tax issues, and for pursuing a small-bore agenda. Stayed neutral during most hotly contested portion of primary campaign.

15. Meg Whitman, former eBay CEO
  PROS: Recently joined McCain campaign as national campaign co-chairman. Wildly successful in business world, and brings gender diversity.

CONS: No experience in elected office. Early and enthusiastic supporter of former rival Mitt Romney.

16. Former Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas
  PROS: Entertaining and talented debater. Strong social conservative. Wowed political establishment with his rise during the primaries.

CONS: Lingered perhaps a few weeks too long in the presidential race, serving as a reminder of conservative discontent with McCain. Light foreign-policy credentials. Mistrusted by fiscal conservatives. Just signed with Fox News Channel as a political commentator, which could leave him out of politics for a while.

17. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
  PROS: Has maintained respect among conservatives and independents despite unpopular war. Brings gender and racial diversity in a campaign that will feature a barrier-breaking Democrat.

CONS: Would complicate efforts for McCain to separate himself from Bush on war policy. Describes herself as "mildly pro-choice." Has shown little interest in pursuing elected office, despite reports that she's lobbying for the job.

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