Obama Campaign Accuses McCain of Lies in Latest Attack Ads

"It's basically taking what had normally been sort of a hidden sort of politics, opposition research, and putting it on the Web site for our activists and voters and volunteers to see and use it as they need, so as people are going door-to-door talking to their neighbors, they have at their disposals, at their fingertips , John McCain's real record," Democratic National Committee spokesman Damien LaVera told ABCNews.com.

Obama today pointed to TV spots against Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., during the 2004 presidential campaign by a third-party group with Republican ties called "Swift Vote Veterans for Truth," attacking Kerry's Vietnam record with claims proven to be false.

Republicans, Obama said today, in the past had turned "an entire campaign into a debate about Swift Boats and wind surfing. And what do you get when it's over?" Obama asked, while campaigning at the Cross Orchards Historic Site in Grand Junction, Colo.

"Iraq," Obama said. "Katrina. And a meltdown on Wall Street. And a million people without jobs or homes or health care.

"Enough," Obama continued. "Enough of this. We can't afford to let them make another big election about small things... We are up against a very powerful entrenched status quo in Washington. They will say anything and they will do anything."

Biden Slams McCain Ads as Bush-Rove-Like Tactic

Campaigning in Michigan today, Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden tied McCain's recent attack ads to President George W. Bush and his 2000 and 2004 election mastermind, Rove.

"The campaign a person runs says everything about the way they'll govern," Biden told a crowd in Saint Clair Shores, Mich.

"The McCain-Palin campaign has decided to bet the house on the politics perfected by Karl Rove. Those tactics may be good at squeaking by in an election, but they are bad if you want to lead one nation, indivisible ...

"When Sen. McCain was subjected to unconscionable, scurrilous attacks in his 2000 primary campaign, I called him on the phone to ask what I could do. And, now, some of the very same people and the tactics he once deplored, his campaign now employs."

Obama defended a recent campaign ad that highlighted McCain's admission that he doesn't use computers and doesn't use e-mail.

When asked by ABC's Chris Cuomo today if the ad was a sly shot at his Republican rival's 72 years of age, Obama defended the ad.

"I didn't say that," Obama told Cuomo on "Good Morning America."

"What I said was ... that John McCain is out of touch.

"If we're going to ask questions about, you know, who has been promulgating negative ads that are completely unrelated to the issues at hand, I think I win that contest pretty handily."

Third-Party Groups Ready With Ads

Third-party groups, or so-called 527 groups, were given even greater latitude after a 2007 Supreme Court opinion that loosened restrictions on unions and corporations, allowing them to launch last-minute attack ads.

By a 5-4 margin, the Supreme Court ruled that the constitutional guarantees of freedom of speech allow these groups, named after the section governing them in the IRS tax code, to purchase "issue advocacy advertising."

A new group with ties to the Swift Boast Veterans for Truth campaign against Kerry has amassed a multimillion-dollar fund and is putting the finishing touches on television ads attacking Obama.

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