Bill Clinton Hits Campaign Trail for Democrats

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The Comeback Kid is coming back.

Former President Bill Clinton says Democrats are not yet putting up a good fight. He is back on the campaign trail today, playing defense deep in home territory, where, in a typical election year, Democrats would be leading comfortably: the solid-blue states of Massachusetts and Connecticut.

"It means there is no such thing as a safe state for Democrats this year. there is no such thing as a dark blue state," ABC political director Amy Walter said. "There is no such thing as a slam dunk election."

Clinton is campaigning for an endangered species: longtime politicians including Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, a Senate hopeful, and 30-year Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank, who crushed his last opponent 2-to-1.

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Defensive Dems Battle to Keep 'Safe' Seats

In three earlier races, the Republicans threw up their hands, running no one against Frank. Now, the president's point-man on the banking bailout is also on the endangered list.

"This is as bad a political environment that Democrats have seen in a long time," Walter said. "And they are looking for somebody who can come in and invigorate their base."

This time, Clinton is bringing a new pitch:

"You gave them eight years to dig the hole. Give us just two more to dig out," the former president told CNN.

"If this election is a choice about the future, we have a chance to do quite well," he said. "If it's a referendum about people's frustration, it's a bad deal for us."

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Bill Clinton on Clinton Global Initiative, President Obama and Sarah Palin

He's not alone. Also on the campaign trail Tuesday will be campaigner-in-chief President Obama in Wisconsin and Vice President Joe Biden at Penn State.

Next month, Democrats bring out the most popular resident of the White House: first lady Michelle Obama.

Her itinerary is a map of endangered Democrats:

Wisconsin for Russ Feingold.

Illinois for Alexi Giannoulias, running for the president's old Senate seat.

Colorado for Michael Bennett.

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Political Powerhouses Speak Up

Washington state for Sen. Patty Murray.

California for Sen. Barbara Boxer.

The first lady and Clinton have one thing in common ... both are more popular than the president

The New York Times reports that Democrats are taking little for granted, setting up an opposition war room, mining Republicans' pasts -- from tax filings to divorce proceedings -- and using them in advertisements for their Democratic rivals.