What It's Like To Be A Conservative on a Liberal College Campus

“You’re dealing with administration who are all of one opinion and that becomes the norm. Students are here to learn; they aren’t here to debate.”

Several students pointed to the latest debate that will play a central role in the upcoming 2014 midterm elections: Obamacare.

“From all the talk on campus, if you don’t want this healthcare, you’re a bad person. But that’s not what we’re trying to say. We’re saying there’s a better, more financially responsible way to do it,” said Haas. “They’re not thinking of their future. They’re not being responsible. Someone’s got to be the voice of reason.”

Ladan echoed similar experiences at Vassar College.

“There are classes where we talked about Obamacare in the class, and 90 percent of the class is obviously for Obamacare,” he said. “It’s tough to be confident about what you believe in when there are so many people stacked up against you.”

Shawn Lewis, who graduated from University of California Berkeley last year and now serves as the chair of the California College Republicans, said he thinks that students start to think more independently during their college years.

“You come in freshman year, you’ve got an apartment, you’re an adult – maybe you don’t know where you stand,” he said. “But once you start hearing how Obama or other leaders are affecting you personally, you start to [reconsider].”

Lewis said that most students are inheriting their liberal views from their parents or professors, but Lewis grew up with political debate at home around the kitchen table. “My mom and dad are total opposites. My mom is a small business owner and my dad works at Apple,” he said. “I think you can guess which is which.”

None of the schools responded to ABC News' requests for comments.

For some, like Gilbert, spending four years in enemy territory has made them stronger.

“Being a minority on campus has pushed me further right in that I’m focused to confront my beliefs and how I can support them,” said Gilbert. “That’s only strengthened my arguments. Having to argue your point to everybody all the time really makes you stronger in your own sentiment.”

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