Exclusive: Eric Cantor Doesn't Question August 2 Debt Ceiling Deadline


"There is no question that the people of western New York in that race that occurred [May 24] or anywhere else in the country that jobs and the economy is the priority, and what we've said all along is you have to take the dual track approach." Cantor added. "We got to have to an agenda that focuses on the fiscal picture -- which is 'the cut' and then we have to grow -- as part of a larger picture here that cuts alone are not going to get as there. It's about growth."

Cantor insists that the spending reductions passed by the House through the Ryan Budget should remain on the table throughout negotiations with Washington Democrats while both sides work to strike a deal to increase the statutory debt limit.

"We continue to advocate that we've got to save the entitlement programs and we know that the driver in the fiscal deficit in this country is healthcare entitlements. So we've put our plan on the table," Cantor said. "The Democrats and the president have continued to demagogue, you know, the Ryan budget and the Medicare proposals in the budget and they continue to say that they don't like it but they have yet to put a plan on the table to even counter that. They've not said how they are going to save these programs."

"Are you going to save the program or are you going to bankrupt the program? The only response that is evident by this administration is they believe that they can ration healthcare by Washington to a point that it goes bankrupt," Cantor added. "Knowing what drives the deficit we put out a plan and I am encouraging leadership -- leadership that is non-existent right now from the president and his party that choose only to demagogue the issue, and use tactics decades old to scare people. And that's not leadership."

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