Hillary Clinton Had 'Contempt' for First Lady Scrutiny, Documents Show

“She told him she’d be thrilled to stop that,” Blair wrote. “She’s at wits end. Its almost as tho [sic] [Bill Clinton’s] in denial, and sadness.”

Clinton’s dreams of stepping away from the reins at the White House went even further, Blair revealed.

Blair once voiced concern to Hillary Clinton that pro-health care ads challenging Congress could potentially tarnish her image in the public, but Clinton brushed off the concern.

“She appreciated my concerns, but also said it’s the only effective tool they have,” Blair writes. “AND when done with this, are done with their agenda and she’ll go be a kindergarten teacher and never have to hold hands on the Hill again.”

“Wow!” Blair writes.

Later in the administration, however, as the impeachment proceedings against Bill Clinton wore on, Hillary Clinton juggled weariness from the ongoing spectacle and constant speculation about her own political future.

“She says she’s generally doing fine, other than this ‘maddening abuse of Constitution,’” Blair notes in early 1999. “I said I wasn’t watching –- she said, good you’re like 75% of [American people].”

At the same time, Clinton was seriously mulling a run for Senate and simultaneously, her supporters hoped to draft her into a presidential run.

The press speculated wildly, but Clinton was non-committal.

“She really does not know,” Blair writes in a 1999 journal entry. “She needs time to think, get all this behind her, then decide.”

Later that year in October she would ultimately decide to jump into the Senate race in New York.

At the same time, the impeachment and scandal was also taking a toll on her college-aged daughter Chelsea.

At Stanford, Clinton told Blair that Chelsea worked tirelessly at her schoolwork only to be faced by the jeers of her classmates when a family photo was shown.

“2 or 3 hissed; just killed her,” Blair wrote. “[Hillary] did ‘give Bill credit for being aware of pain and anguish he’s caused her.’”

ABC News' Erin Dooley contributed to this report.

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