‘Huge Double Standard’ For Women Running for President, Clinton Says

Hillary Clinton on Saturday blasted the “huge double standard” she feels she faces as a woman running for president.

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“There is a much greater burden on women running for political office...there is still a huge double standard,” Clinton told a voter in a town hall at the New England College who asked about the perception that she is “drilled” and “rehearsed.”

The Democratic presidential candidate mentioned a blog post a friend sent to her about a Bernie Sanders supporter who likes the Vermont Senator because he yells a lot and has messy hair.

"My friend said, ‘Boy that would really work for any woman running,’” Clinton retorted sarcastically.

In a moment of self-reflection, Clinton -— who is currently trailing Sanders by double-digits in New Hampshire -— then acknowledged that she can sometimes come across as “a little more restrained, a little more careful.”

“I am who I am,” she said. "I can't do some kind of personality transformation...I have to be true to myself."