John Edwards' Prosecution Ends with ABC Video of Him Lying


John Edwards Hoped to Be Appointed to the Supreme Court

By the end of January, the writing was on the wall for Edward's candidacy. He was trailing Obama and Clinton both in funding and delegates.

Again he looked to strike a deal, seeking a high profile position in exchange for an endorsement. Again, he assigned Hindery to reach out to Obama through Daschle, but contacted Clinton himself.

"If he couldn't be vice president," Hindery said Edwards believed then at least "he could be attorney general."

But if he were going to settle for attorney general, it was in service of a higher goal -- to be on the Supreme Court.

Hindery said Edwards would decide who to support "based on attorney general and that's who he would support." He would pick the candidate who could best "support his own evolution to the Supreme Court."

The book "Game Change" by Mark Halperin and John Heileman described a similar scenario with an amazed Daschle writing back to Hindery, "It's going to ambassador to Zimbabwe next."

Edwards dropped out of the race after a poor third place finish in South Carolina, but kept angling for a job. And according to prosecutors kept using donations from wealthy backers to hide Hunter.

"It was a sad day for me and Mr. Edwards," Hindery said of Edwards' decision to drop out. "I tried to be encouraging and support him as best I could."

In the end the Obama campaign rejected all of Edwards' advances, promising only the chance to make a speech at the Democratic National Convention. Nevertheless, Edwards continued to hang on to the hope that he might still might be named attorney general even after the National Enquirer published grainy images of him with Hunter and her baby.

Hunter remains on the defense witness list and may yet still be called to testify on his behalf.

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