Listening for Our Pinger in Pursuit of Personal Truth

And very different from the search in the Indian Ocean where the goal is to reveal how those dear folks died, the discovery of our black box is to show us how to live. To actually recover from what we believe has died within us of our innocence, our dreams and our hopes. We may have suffered in our family life, or through relationships, or jobs without meaning, but we still have an unlimited capacity to find again what we lost. And live again.

The voice or pinger sending out a soft signal to us from within helps us pinpoint the location of our heart's black box. And then once we discover its location, it is it going to require us to dive deep down to recover the truth within.

And going deep will mean we have to leave others on the surface either going alone or in hand with others who have helped us hear our ping. And depth always involves great pressure that at times feels unbearable from the world around us. We were each given the courage and equipment to make this journey if we just believe and don't give up.

The human journey is about finding our truth, discovering what touches our hearts, what gives us meaning, and the first step is to realize there is a pinger deep down sending us a signal to guide us on our way.

There you have it.

Matthew Dowd is an ABC News analyst and special correspondent.

Opinions expressed in this column do not reflect the views of ABC News.

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