Michele Bachmann: Transcript of ABC/Yahoo News Exclusive Interview


RON CLAIBORNE: That was a quick--

MICHELE BACHMANN: --yeah, yeah.

RON CLAIBORNE: --a quick one. Happiest you've ever been, other than-- having children or your wedding. Happiest you've ever been?

MICHELE BACHMANN: Have just (?)-- well, probably November 1st, 1972. That's the day I gave my life to Jesus Christ. That changed my life forever.

RON CLAIBORNE: Who would play you, Michele Bachmann, in a movie?

MICHELE BACHMANN: Who would play me? (LAUGH)


MICHELE BACHMANN: Well, they'd have to be a mom. Probably Patricia Heaton. She was on-- Everybody Loves Raymond?


MICHELE BACHMANN: Yeah, the mom on Everybody Loves Raymond, Patricia Heaton. I like her. I think she's great.

RON CLAIBORNE: Okay. What is your personal theme song?

MICHELE BACHMANN: My personal theme song? Well, I'm-- I'm Michele Bachmann, so it'd probably have to be Bachman–Turner Overdrive, (LAUGH) Takin' Care of Business.

(OVERTALK) MICHELE BACHMANN: That'd be it. Takin' Care of Business.

RON CLAIBORNE: All right. First thing you'd do in the Oval Office. The very first thing, first day.

MICHELE BACHMANN: Ver-- pray. I would pray and ask the Lord for guidance on how to turn the country back around.

RON CLAIBORNE: Okay. Who should be the fifth president on Mount Rushmore?

MICHELE BACHMANN: Mmmm (PH). Well, Ronald Reagan would be a good choice. But-- I-- I think just-- Garfield was the last member who was-- the House of Representatives who became president of the United States--

(OVERTALK) MICHELE BACHMANN: --and he-- and he was a very-- he was a wonderful man. But also, I'd have to say, Calvin Coolidge should be up there, too, becau--

RON CLAIBORNE: Calvin Coolidge?

MICHELE BACHMANN: Calvin Coolidge, because Calvin Coolidge-- was able to get the United States' budget way on track. And he really was a taking care of business kinda guy.

RON CLAIBORNE: Okay. And very quickly, very quickly, tell us, well, in tweet length, why you wanna be president. And it's gotta be real quick. (LAUGH)

MICHELE BACHMANN: Why-- why I wanna be president?


MICHELE BACHMANN: Well, because I-- I know what to do to turn the country back around so that we're not Greece and so that we are the wildly successful nation that we were and we were prior to the institution of the modern welfare state. We need to have self-reliance again in this country. And--

RON CLAIBORNE: Tweet length. Tweet length.


RON CLAIBORNE: Short. Tweet length.

MICHELE BACHMANN: Oh, tw-- oh, 144 word-- characters?

RON CLAIBORNE: Yeah, yeah.

MICHELE BACHMANN: Okay. Oh, sorry. Okay. Michele Bachmann is the one because she'll do what she says and says--

RON CLAIBORNE: Okay, well--

MICHELE BACHMANN: --what she means.

RON CLAIBORNE: --th-- thank you very much--


RON CLAIBORNE: --Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. And if you missed any of this-- interview, you (?) streaming life, you can go back and look at it anytime on Yahoo News or ABCNews.com. I'm Ron Claiborne. Thanks.

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