Key Mumbai Terror Plot Planner Testifies at Chicago Trial


Kashmiri was in contact with Headley for planning attacks after Mumbai, including the attack on the Danish newspaper. Kashmiri served in Pakistan's military and intelligence service and later became a key planner in the Harkat ul- Jihad Islami terror group, which has now merged with factions of Lashkar and the Pakistani Taliban towards al Qaeda.

Kashmiri is an almost mythic figure for some terrorists having been reportedly killed in a drone strike in 2009 only to re-emerge unscathed in a media interview.

According to the initial criminal complaint filed against Headley, when he heard about Kashmiri being killed, he "expressed dismay" and told an associate, "Our company has gone into bankruptcy then ... the projects and so forth will go into suspension."

Headley's testimony has been detailed and chilling for how calculating he was in his surveillance work, describing it in monotones. He testified that he made several trips back to the United States, staying with Rana on one occasion and keeping him apprised of his activities in India and meetings in Pakistan.

The prosecution asked Headley if he told Rana about the model the Lashkar terrorists made of the Taj hotel. Headley allegedly told his old friend it was a terrible mock-up.

"He laughed," Headley said in his monotone voice.

After the court proceedings concluded for the day, Rana's defense attorney Charles Swift told reporters, "Headley's credibility is critical. If you believe him, then Dr. Rana knew. If you believe him, he was constantly briefing him here in Chicago, but it had no point. But I don't think he'll have much credibility when this week is over."

Headley is expected to be on the witness stand for the next three days.

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