President Obama Tries to Gain Women's Votes for Democrats


"She takes vote after vote after vote that are not only killing jobs in the state of Washington, but it's amassing a huge debt," he said. "She's number nine in earmarks. We have such a mounting debt. ... When my own 16-year-old comes to me, he comes to me and asks, 'Well how much do I owe? Sixteen-year-olds shouldn't be asking their parents questions like this. They should be asking for the car keys and $20. But he actually understands this.

"If my 16-year-old can understand this," Rossi asked, "why can't Sen. Murray and her friends in D.C. understand that we can't keep spending money we don't have?"

In an interview with ABC News, Murray insisted she's the "same mom in tennis shoes and I keep fighting for moms and dads like me all over my state."

Murray said she's been fighting for jobs and for funding for Washington projects, and that her clout matters.

But she has been dogged by questions regarding whether the former insurgent is now part of the problem. A Seattle Times report indicated that she's delivered nearly $20 million in earmarks for companies that have hired her former aides to lobby for their projects.

"You know, it doesn't matter who represents somebody in asking me for something," Murray told ABC News. "What matters to me is that families in my community here, community leaders, what they ask me for and what is important to them to create jobs to make a better way of life."

Rossi said, "I honestly think she went to Washington, D.C., with good intentions. She said her job wasn't to bring home the bacon, her job was to cut the budget. Now that 17 of her former staffers have become lobbyists, she's made over $20 million in requests for earmarks for those former staffers and now those former staffers have contributed over $80,000 to her campaign. I think that's precisely what's wrong with Washington, D.C."

Murray insisted that she has been independent where she needed to be.

"When President Obama proposed a health care policy that would have impacted veterans, I stood up right away and said, 'not on my watch.' And we got that changed right away," she said. "When it comes to important investments here in my state, whether it's the transportation infrastructure like the ferry system, when the Obama administration got it wrong I picked up the phone and changed it and got it fixed."

ABC News's Mary Bruce, Sherisse Pham and Polson Kannath contributed to this report.

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