Palin 2.0? Bachmann Tells ABC News, "I'm In!"


But as she has waded into presidential waters in recent weeks, Bachmann has already hit some rough seas. In New Hampshire earlier this month she misplaced one of the seminal moments in American history: the battle of Lexington and Concord and the "shot heard round the world" that began the Revolutionary War. She told a group of school children that the 1775 battles took place in New Hampshire, when in fact they happened in Massachusetts.

In addition, earlier this year Bachmann -- whose reverence for the nation's founding fathers and love of the Constitution define her politics -- told an Iowa crowd that the founders had "worked tirelessly until slavery was no more."

But this week she shrugged off those gaffes as no big deal.

"People make mistakes," she sighed.

So does Bachmann stand a real shot at making some noise in Iowa? According to Iowa GOP chairman Matt Strawn, she has a Tea Party following in the Hawkeye state that is watching her every move.

"We don't know right now what the size of the Tea Party electorate is in the Hawkeye State, but, you know, certainly that's a group that is very interested in whether Michele Bachmann is going to run or not. I think they line up with her stated principles of limited government, economic freedom, shrinking the size of things at the federal level, so I think there's an opportunity for her here," Strawn said.

"But like any candidate that comes to Iowa to be successful, the key ingredient is you have to be in Iowa -- you have to be in our coffee shops, you have to talk to our farmers in the fields, and really giving them the opportunity to look you in the eye and ask you those tough questions that we demand of anyone that wants our vote."

Strawn said the race is shaping up to be a "fascinating" one, but candidates must take note of the key to success in Iowa: "being here."

In that sense, at least, Bachmann already has a head start on Palin.

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