President Obama Urges GOP to Abandon 'Ideological Crusade,' End Shutdown


And despite the Republican strategy to put the brakes on the health care bill, the law was implemented, starting today, regardless of the government shutdown.

Government Shutdown Standoff: What Happens Next?

The impact of the shutdown, however, is being felt in other ways. National parks in Washington and across the country are closed to the public and much of the government will be operating at reduced staffing levels that will lead to widespread delay.

People seeking Federal Housing Administration home loans will have to wait until the shutdown ends to secure mortgages. And in Washington, the courts have stopped issuing marriage licenses and performing weddings.

Government Shutdown by the Numbers

The political consequences could be grave for both parties in Congress, but especially for Republicans. According to an ABC News-Washington Post poll released Monday, 63 percent say they disapprove of Republicans' handling of the budget debate compared to 50 percent who disapprove of Obama's handling of the situation.

"The question is how fast does public pressure grow, particularly on Republicans," said Sarah Binder, expert in Congress and legislative politics and a professor at George Washington University. "There are federal employees everywhere."

"We underestimate some of the networks within which lawmakers will find themselves back home."

ABC News' Jeff Zeleny and Mary Bruce contributed to this report.

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