Rep. King Says Marco Rubio Not Welcome to Raise Money in New York


Rep. Peter King Prefers Christie Over Rubio

Rubio's spokesperson did not respond to King's comments, instead sending the senator's release from December detailing his no vote.

"From a public policy standpoint, I have always believed one of the most critical roles of any government is to help people impacted by natural disasters," Rubio said at the time in a press release. He added, "However, we do have a responsibility to make sure this emergency spending is ultimately going to disaster relief, and not to other pet projects. Unfortunately, the Hurricane Sandy supplemental bill goes far beyond emergency relief to impacted victims and communities, which is why I voted no on final passage."

King said 2016 is a long way off, but if he had to choose between Rubio and Christie as the party's presidential candidate, "I'd be much more likely right now to be looking toward Chris Christie."

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