Donald Rumsfeld to Diane Sawyer: 'Would've Been Better Off If I Had' Resigned Post-Abu Ghraib


"The fact is, they're still there," he said. "Why are they still there? They're there, because they make sense in the 21st Century. They're needed. And the new administration has not been able to figure out a better way to do it."

But he does fault Bush for not engaging the American people in the fight ahead -- and for labeling the fight a "war on terror," instead of one waged against radical Islam.

"We needed people -- moderate Muslims in the world to understand that their religion was being hijacked. It was being hijacked by radicals," he said. "We never stepped up in the Bush administration and engaged in the competition of ideas to any really great extent. And nowhere near as effectively as we need to eventually."

"Proceeds from the sales of Known and Unknown will go to the veterans charities supported by the Rumsfeld Foundation."

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