Sarah Palin Lashes out at Obama during Luncheon, Takes a Swing at Michelle


"There are already on the books gun control legislation that I support. I don't support hurting the good guys. The bad guys aren't going to follow the laws on the books today or new laws."

She said adding new gun control legislation would not have stopped accused gunman Jared Loughner.

During the question-and-answer session, Palin's use of Twitter repeatedly came up. She responded by pointing out how social media during the Egyptian uprising was another example of private enterprise doing a better job than the federal government.

Palin said the government's fiscal policy is dangerous. "This administration supports America being on the road to ruin."

Palin's sharpest comments were reserved for President Obama and his wife.

"No wonder Michelle Obama is saying you better breastfeed your baby. I say yeah, you better, because the cost of milk has gotten so high."

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