Sen. Elizabeth Warren: No 'Timeline' on Presidential Endorsement

PHOTO: Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. speaks about raising wages during the forum AFL-CIO National Summit, on Jan. 7, 2015, at Gallaudet University in Washington.PlayJose Luis Magana/AP Photo
WATCH Hillary Clinton Takes Steps Toward Securing the Democratic Nomination

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has said she has no "timeline" for making an endorsement in the Democratic presidential race.

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"The way I see it, Democrats are doing exactly what we should be doing," she told NECN in an interview. "I feel an enormous responsibility to make it clear what Democrats stand for."

The progressive Massachusetts Democrat, who has attracted a following in her party for her support of Wall Street regulation and student loan reform, has largely remained above the primary fray, dodging the national media spotlight as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders battle for the Democratic nomination. (Clinton defeated Sanders in Massachusetts' March 1 primary contest.)

Warren has supported elements of both candidates' campaigns surrounding her signature issues. In December, she praised Clinton's Wall Street reform plan. She later did the same for Sanders' speech on Wall Street regulation in January.

"We've got to make this fundamentally about the issues," she continued when asked about Clinton's popularity. "It's not about our differences."

In the interview, Warren also criticized Mitt Romney for not condemning Republican candidate Donald Trump's rhetoric sooner and accused Trump of encouraging the recent outbreaks of violence at his rallies, including at his planned Chicago appearance that was canceled Friday evening after clashes between his supporters and protesters.

"This is what Trump has been fostering and fomenting for months now," she said.

Warren also said it would be "premature" to consider running for vice president on the Democrats' ticket, but did not rule it out.