Check out ABCNEWS' list of competitive House races.

As is the case every two years, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives are on the ballot.

But because of redistricting, only a few dozen of these races are truly competitive, with any doubt about the outcome.

Below is a list of the 46 seats the ABC News Political Unit currently considers to be in play.

We are not predicting a specific outcome in these races, or even rating which party or candidate is getting the most traction or seems to have momentum.

Earlier this election cycle, Republicans anticipated gains out of the redistricting process in several states that did not materialize. But Democrats aren't on a trajectory to win the gains historically made by the party out of power, at least in part because of the war against terrorism.

Seats marked "new" are districts added to states because of population gains in the past decade; the districts were drawn by the states themselves. Seats marked "open" involve races in which the current occupant of the district is not a candidate this year.

Alabama-03 (R open): Mike Rogers (R) vs. Joe Turnham (D)

Arizona-01 (new/open): George Cordova (D) vs. Rick Renzi (R)

California-18 (D open): Dennis Cardoza (D) vs. Richard Monteith (R)

Connecticut-02: Rep. Rob Simmons (R) vs. Joe Courtney (D)

Connecticut-05 (new/open): Rep. Nancy Johnson (R) vs. Rep. Jim Maloney (D)

Colorado-04 (open): Marilyn Musgrave (R) vs. Stan Matsunaka (D)

Colorado-07 (new/open): Bob Beauprez (R) vs. Mike Feeley (D)

Florida-05: Rep. Karen Thurman (D) vs. Ginny Brown-Waite (R)

Florida-22: Rep. Clay Shaw (R) vs. Carol Roberts (D)

Georgia-03 (new/open): Calder Clay (R) vs. Jim Marshall (D)

Georgia-11 (new/open): Roger Kahn (D) vs. Phil Gingrey (R)

Georgia-12 (new/open): Champ Walker (D) vs. Max Burns

Indiana-02 (D open): Jill Long Thompson (D) vs. Chris Chocola (R)

Indiana-07: Rep. Julia Carson vs. Brose McVey (R)

Illinois-19 (new): Rep. John Shimkus (R) vs. Rep. Dave Phelps (D)

Iowa-01: Rep. Jim Nussle (R) vs. Ann Hutchinson (D)

Iowa-02: Rep. Jim Leach (R) vs. Julie Thomas (D)

Iowa-03: Rep. Leonard Boswell (D) vs. Stan Thompson (R)

Iowa-04: Rep. Tom Latham (R) vs. John Norris (D)

Kansas-03: Rep. Dennis Moore (D) vs. Adam Taff (R)

Kentucky-03: Rep. Ann Northup (R) vs. Jack Conway (D)

Kentucky-04: Rep. Ken Lucas (D) vs. Geoff Davis (R)

Louisiana-05 (R open): primary is November 5

Maine-02 (D open): Michael Michaud (D) vs. Kevin Raye (R)

Maryland-02 (R open): Helen Delich Bentley (R) vs. Dutch Ruppersberger (D)

Maryland-08: Rep. Connie Morella (R) vs. Chris Van Hollen (D)

Michigan-11 (new/open): Thad McCotter (R) vs. Kevin Kelly (D)

Minnesota-02: Rep. Bill Luther (D) vs. John Kline (R)

Mississippi-03 (new): Rep. Chip Pickering (R) vs. Rep. Ronnie Shows (D)

Nevada-03 (new/open): Jon Porter (R) vs. Dario Herrera (D)

New Hampshire-01 (R open): Jeb Bradley (R) vs. Martha Fuller Clark (D)

New Hampshire-02: Rep. Charlie Bass (R) vs. Katrina Swett (D)

New Jersey-05 (R open): Scott Garrett (R) vs. Anne Sumers (D)

New Mexico-01: Rep. Heather Wilson (R) vs. Richard Romero (D)

New Mexico-02 (R open): Steve Pearce (R) vs. John Arthur Smith (D)

North Carolina-08: Rep. Robin Hayes (R) vs. Chris Kouri (D)

North Dakota-AL: Rep. Earl Pomeroy (D) vs. Rick Clayburgh (R)

Oklahoma-04 (R open): Tom Cole (R) vs. Darryl Roberts (D)

Pennsylvania-06 (new/open): Dan Gerlach (R) vs. Dan Wofford (D)

Pennsylvania-15: Pat Toomey (R) vs. Ed O'Brien (D)

Pennsylvania-17 (new): Rep. George Gekas (R) vs. Rep. Tim Holden (D)

South Dakota-AL (R open): Bill Janklow (R) vs. Stephanie Herseth (D)

Tennessee-04 (R open): Janice Bowling (R) vs. Lincoln Davis (D)

Texas-05 (R open): Jeb Hensarling (R) vs. Ron (D)

Utah-02: Rep. Jim Matheson (D) vs. John Swallow (R)

West Virginia-02: Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (R) vs. Jim Humphreys (D)