Morning Political Note: Knots

The Washington Post reports that Democratic "[p]olling expert Anna Greenberg told the Women's Vote Center at the Democratic National Committee that women without a college degree, who once reliably supported Democrats, have drifted toward the Republican Party in recent presidential elections and are now quintessential swing voters. At this point, the party's base lies more with college-educated and minority women." ( )


Early voting for the Democratic Senate run-off between Victor Morales and Ron Kirk — and other local races which may boost Hispanic turnout — begins today. The run-off will take place on April 9.

CALIFORNIA The Sacramento Bee finds many a Richard Riordan donor who intends to vote for Bill Simon, but who won't give Simon any money. ( )

FLORIDA A new poll shows that education spending tops the priorities of likely voters. And Gov. Jeb Bush's disapproval rate has increased a bit to 51 percent. (

But against Janet Reno and Bill McBride, the two most likely Democratic gubernatorial nominee, Bush still runs strong.

All of this comes as the national political press corps and Democratic party activists in the state shift their attention to the state party convention in Orlando next week.

Error rates in Palm Beach County during March 12's municipal elections reached 3 percent. (For purposes of comparison, in 2000, the error rate for punch-card ballots in Palm Beach reached as high as 10 to 15 percent in certain precincts.) And, yep, that's with touch-screen ballots for election day voters and optical scan sheets for absentees. One conclusion: voter education is almost as important as technological improvement — and maybe more so. (

The Washington Times looks at the Democrats who have lined up for the decidedly uphill effort of taking on Secretary of State Katherine Harris (R) as she runs for Congress, implicitly questioning the motives of one candidate, "Washington lawyer" Jan Schneider, who "won't say what brought her from a prospering practice in the District of Columbia to Sarasota," and noting that Schneider "last week secured her first voting bloc: the Hillary Rodham Clinton Fan Club." The story suggests that Schneider will ask former President Clinton to come campaign for her, but we can't tell whether that's actual reporting, or not. As for the other Democrats running, Candice "McElyea promised she will approach activist/actor Alec Baldwin at next week's Florida Democratic Party convention and request an appearance here on her behalf," while Rev. Charles "McKenzie has asked [Jesse] Jackson for some help." (

NORTH CAROLINA Republicans are crying double standard because the Democratic governor did not allow Elizabeth Dole to speak on board the battleship USS North Carolina because it's an historic site, but Democratic Senate candidate Erskine Bowles spoke at an event at Roanoke Island Festival Park, another historic site. ( )

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